15" Mac Book Pro!

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Mac Book Pro 15"
Mac Book Pro 15"

I have been in the market for a new laptop for a while.  The primary machine I had was a Lenovo w500 and before that a Lenovo t42p..  But both of those machines were property of IBM..  I didn’t own them, and I had to keep IBM software installed, as well as generally not use the machine for personal stuff..  It was time for a new machine.

Now I will say that the Lenovo machines were okay.  Not horrible.  But I did have a lot of issues with them, and the t42p just up and died one day.  It was only 3 years old when it died which I felt was an extremely short lifespan for a laptop.

I have a Sony Vaio that I got in 1999 that still works, it’s just really old at this point.  But that’s the kind of life time I expect of a piece of hardware like these. The only issue with the Sony is it’s age and it has a really small screen.. But still!  These are expensive machines and they should last.  It was completely unacceptable to me that the Lenovo’s didn’t even come close.  And most people I have talked to who had Lenovo’s of their own had a similar experience.

So, I splurged and purchased a 15” Mac Book Pro.  This is a really nice piece of hardware.. I’m quite excited about it..  Everyone that I know that has a mac book is happy with it and they all say that hardware wise it’s easily the best laptop you can buy.. I have to agree.. It’s a rock solid laptop..

I went through and got all the software on it that I wanted and got my LAMP setup working so I can do some development on there..etc..  Good stuff..