2011, SWTOR, and iPad2

Published on Jan 03, 2012 Randomstrings « Prev Next »

I realize that it’s been a while since I posted to my blog and it’s something that I want to be better about in new year but it’s very difficult for me to get excited about anything that’s going on right now.   I find that I’m doing a lot of work for my company and while I enjoy that it tends to keep me from doing many of my hobbies like blogging.  2011 has been a blizzard of activity and I’m sure it will only continue into the new year.

On that note; Happy New Year everyone..

I’m still very keen on creating my own custom blogging software as I posted previously and it’s something that I definitely am going to get around to but its slow going.  I’ve been working on it about an hour each night if the time is available.

But, I have to admit I’ve been playing a lot of the new Star Wars game the Old Republic (the new massively multiplayer online awesomeness by Bioware) and it’s really quite a lot of fun. It has problems but it’s addicting and it’s new, if nothing else.  It’s not fantasy which is one of my biggest complaints about all the other games that are out there,  I was so fantasy-ed out that I’m glad I’m finally playing something that’s space related and futuristic.  To be honest, it’s actually quite good.   I have been filing bugs and and making suggestions and hopefully some of them will get listen to but honestly the game is pretty good straight out of the gate and should be a huge win for Bioware.  Blizzard should be concerned.

And also I wanted to talk briefly about Christmas, I got an iPad2 for Christmas I have to admit it’s the greatest piece of hardware I’ve ever had.. It’s actually a lot of fun. I kind of see it as just a toy right now but the more I play with it the more I can see myriads of useful business and social applications for it.  No matter what you say, it has a lot of potential and there’s a lot of really neat stuff you can do with it.   If I were to use  a single word to describe the iPad I would call it “clever”.

I’ve been digging around on the Internet and asking my friends about good apps for the iPad and two of them come immediately to the four as being awesome. One of them is called flipboard which basically turns all of your social media and websites and the Internet in general into a magazine that you can kind of peruse at your leasure and the other one is oddly enough, dragon dictation which does just what you’d expect;  you can just talk at your iPad and it translates everything you’re saying into text (which by the way is how I’m posting this now).  It’s not perfect the Dragon NaturallySpeaking solution though is better than any I’ve ever seen and so I can see a lot more postings coming in the future since now I can just talk to my blog.

It’s definitely not perfect I have to do a little bit of filtering and word replacements but I actually think it’s pretty damn good.   If anything my one complaint is that it’s pretty bad about punctuation.