3G iPhone

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3G Iphone Hotness

There is no two ways about it, Steve Jobs is a pretty smart fellow, and the latest iPhone hotness just proves it.

Lets be completely honest here, the hardware upgrades aren’t that great though. I mean its an improvement, but its not a super vast improvement.. The 2 major things the new hardware brings to the table are 3G networking, and GPS. Both of which for me mean very little.

My current iPhone’s 2G networking works great for me. I mean so what if it takes 60 seconds to load a webpage instead of 30 seconds.. (Or 59 to 23 or whatever it was.. ) I just don’t mind waiting that couple extra seconds.. its not that big of a deal.

The GPS sounds like a fun little toy, but to be honest once again, I don’t see the value of GPS in a phone. I have no need of that tool. The location system now is ample – maybe I would change my story once I got to play with one that was fully GPS enabled, but right now it seems like an extra battery drainer that has no real value. If you were out in the woods, and needed a GPS antenna, you’d likely get a REAL GPS device that gives true coordinates.. etc..

Now having said that, they are lowing the price of the hardware to $199.. Wow… just.. Wow.. okay that’s awesome.. in fact that’s not awesome, that’s nuts! Clearly they are taking a loss on this device.. they must be! I’d be interested it knowing what the cost to Apple is for a single iPhone. I bet its pretty high.

Some folks are saying that its a complete slap in the face of those folks who have already purchased an iphone at the much higher price, but I don’t see it that way. I mean if you go buy a car, computer or any other kit of hardware you KNOW its going to be worth less the instant you get it. You should expect it. Maybe having it thrust in your face as harshly as this is the issue, but I just don’t see it that way.

The $400 for our iphones probably went a long way towards making the $200 iphone even possible. Had the $400 iphone been a flop, you wouldn’t see the cheaper version today.

What I’m really looking forward to is the software upgrades.. The application store looks fantastic beyond all reason. I love it! I really want to not only download software, but create software that others can use.. In Apples most recent keynote speech they had a demo of some software by typePad – a competitor to WordPress – that allows users to create blog entries on the fly. It looked great and I’d love to try to make one for WP!

They are also adding a lot of enterprise support which to me makes it pretty clear that Steve Jobs and Apple are extremely keen on cutting the legs out from under Research in Motion and their blackberry. Smart.

There is a lot of money there, and I think they can do it. The iphone is the latest cool wizbang hotness that I think could easily be on top in a year.

More over, with the price point of $200 I bet you’re going to see a lot of customers using the iphone as a computer for devices. Think about robots, car computers, or just fun tech toys. Here you have an extremely small BSD device with phone, wi-fi, bluetooth, camera, gps..etc.. I mean its the perfect device for .. uh.. anything.

The next year for the iphone should be damn fun to watch!