8mm Mauser Reloading

Published on Mar 15, 2010 Hobbies Shooting, Reloading « Prev Next »

I really enjoy shooting..  I always have..  In the military I would go to the range every weekend and throw some rounds down range just for the pure joy of it..  And while I would sometimes shoot my pistols, I prefer rifles..  I dunno what it is, but there is something very peaceful about the focus and presence of mind you need to effectively shoot a rifle..

I liked it because when shooting, all the cares of the day seemed to kinda slip away..  You had to focus on what you’re doing and not be distracted by anything in order to hit your target, especially at range..  I have missed it..

The main reason I have missed it was due to cost, and distance..  Simply put there aren’t any ranges near where I live, and since my primary round is 7.92x57mm Mauser it can get a tad pricey..  Enter reloading..

I have wanted to get back into shooting something fearce and have been trolling several shooter forums trying to find a new inexpensive round that I can shoot that would afford me the accuracy I require in a cost effective manner..   A lot of people have suggested .223, .308 or even 6br.. But that would require a whole new rifle, not exactly a cheap solution..

So instead, I have started to reload my old used 8mm brass..  It’s so easy too!!  I have to admit I’m shocked at the simplicity of the process.. Plus the saves are about 50% a round..

Previously the el’cheapo stock ammo purchased off the intertubes went for about $1 a round or as much as $2.50 a round at the range – reloading my old brass comes in at $0.53 a round.. Yay!!    And the nice thing is I don’t have to buy a new rifle..

Having said that I would love to get a new rifle..hehe  For now I’m going to just keep reloading the 8mm stuff and shoot the guns I have, but I still like the idea of getting something else.. Plus I spent a good deal of time pouring over the Savage Arms website, and I must admit some of those guns made me drool a little..

But they are a tad pricey..  Plus I’m back to facing the chambering issue.. what should I get?  I’m sort of leaning towards a bench rest gun since the range I go to doesn’t allow for freestanding or prone shooting.. (They say its for insurance reasons..)

My friends suggest .223 and .308 because they are common rounds.. Of the two I’d be more likely to go .308 over .223 because its a traditional round that can be used for anything where as the .223 is more of a varmant round..  But the 6br (.243 basically) has a lot going for it too.. I dunno..

Right now it’s a moot point because of cost..  A good rifle to fire any of those rounds would cost $1500 new.. And that’s only half the cost.. without good optics you might as well be throwing rocks..   It’s insane how much a good scope can run you..

Oh well.. I’ll keep reloading my mauser and dream..