Age of Conan is beginning to annoy me

Published on Jun 15, 2008 Games « Prev Next »

I’m starting to get upset / annoyed with Age of Conan.  Probably it’s more fair to say, disappointed – but you can only scream at your monitor for so long before disappointment spirals down into something else. 

My main character is a ranger – and as with all games that have a ranger class, he’s broken.  Primarily when it comes to damage output. 

I understand that a ranger, being a subset of the rogue class, can’t tank.  I’m there.  In EQ1 rangers were made of paper.. I’m cool with that.. But the ranger should be able to put out some damage, and since they can’t tank, they should be able to put out damage at range.  If they can’t for any reason do ranged damage, what’s the point of a ranger?   

In AoC the ranger can melee, use a bow, or use a crossbow.   Melee with an AoC ranger is a joke – don’t waste your time.  Crossbow has some nice damage, but its slow damage – and the majority of the skills are for bow not crossbow.  You’re really best using a bow.

Okay fine. I’ll use a bow – which is what I wanted in the first place.  The issue is with the various attack abilities with a bow, most of them are broken.

Salvo The number one issue, and the number one skill used by a bow ranger is “Salvo”.  Salvo pisses me off to no end.

Salvo is a 3 key combo  – Meaning you poke the “Salvo” hot key, then you have to do two directional attacks in order to get the full combo (and thus the full damage) to fire off.  The problem is that salvo, as the name implies, fires more shots than you press keys for.

The first salvo hot key fires one shot usually straight initiating the combo.  The second key fires one shot either left or lower left, to try to get them to refocus their shields. And the third key fires 3 shots straight – but it does 3 individual attacks, its not like you knock up 3 arrows and fire them all at once.

It’s this third key that is the problem in that if anything interrupts your third key and those 3 attacks, the mob gets all the health back that he lost due to the combo.   This could be over a thousand points of health he just suddenly gets back.. pop  Insta-heal.

Further more, if you kill him on the first shot of the salvo, he still does damage to you until the entire combo finishes.  It takes about 8 seconds for the entire combo to resolve itself and I have died many times during that 8 seconds to a mob that was DEAD but still swinging.. 

And of course if they kill you this way, they are suddenly full health and back standing there!!

If the mob dodges or you “miss” with the first shot of the salvo, ALL shots of the salvo miss. Time well spent.

Salvo needs to be fixed.. But so far they wont even acknowledge that it’s a bug.

Some shots don’t register at all Sometimes you will go through the combo keys and nothing happens on the final key.  No “Miss” text, no “Mob is too far away” text, nothing.. just.. nothing.  You’re left standing there wondering why the hell the mob didn’t just take damage.  Time well spent.  

No Range The ranger also has ZERO RANGE!  It kills me how short ranged the bow is.. A bow in AoC has about a 50 foot range.  (Hard to say how many “feet” it actually is, but it aint far.)  I’m not saying the bow should have a 300 yard range, but it should have a longer range than it does.  It’s down right silly how short it is, and makes a rangers life suck as you basically have to get into melee range to shoot.

Give us some room to shoot folks!

Different Range First Person to Third Person What?!  I want to know who the smacktard was that thought it was a good idea to give the bow and crossbow a different range based on first person or third person shooting.  What bone head thought this was a good idea?

Why does my bow have a range half again as long when in first person?  Why does my bow’s combo’s have a very short range, yet I can key up an arrow to fire at any range? etc..  This is just stupid.. 

Shooting from a ledge One of the missions early on tells you that you need to go stop the mobs from shooting their bows from a ledge high up, because it’s killing the good guys.  SO you rush up there, kill them, only to realize that .. hey, this is a good spot to snipe back at the bad guys too!

So, you target up a mob and let fly.. Only to see them constantly evade..  You have line of sight, you have range.. you are above them though and they “can’t get to you” so instead of letting you murder them fair and square, they just evade,evade,evade like a broken mob.  

This is fucked up.. The whole point of the mission was to stop them from doing this, only to find out that YOU can’t do this.   WHY?!  If I can get up on this ledge, so can they – as proven by the fact that THEY WERE UP HERE FIRST!  This is just down right stupid and breaks the game to me.  You say you want players to be clever and try new things, then break the new things we try.  What bullshit.   If mobs are getting shot from someone they can’t get to, RUN OUT OF RANGE.  It’s short enough… 

I can go on, but you get the point by now..  This game is very beautiful.. More over, the 1 to 20 game is awe inspiring, and should be a lesson to other games as to how a game should be made.  

At 21 though (or when you get off the island) the polish comes crashing down.  It’s sad really.  I know for a fact it’s driving players away.  Several of my friends have already left due to these annoying bugs.. Above are just the ones that the ranger suffers.. each class has their own set just like this.. 

I do like the new combat system, but it isn’t enough to support a game.  You need to get the rest of this crap working.. 

In six or eight months this game will likely be awesome.. but for now it’s annoying and upsets me.  Time will tell, but I dunno if I will stick it out.