Back from Blizzcon 2009

Published on Aug 24, 2009 Randomstrings « Prev Next »


Well the wife and I are back from Blizzcon..  I have to admit she had a pretty good idea of going and now that we have gone and come back I’m glad we did it..

I have some complaints and observations but by and large it was a great time..   I got to hang out with lots of cool folks to include several blizzard employees, who stubbornly refused to release any information… or did they? =)

It was a good time had by all.. now that I’m back and at work I realize how unrestful my weekend had been.. heh but largely worth the trip as I got to meet some great folks.

Speaking of the folks, I have come to the conclusion that I am a thin man.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m heavy..  I’m most assuredgly over weight, and if you go by the government standards I should be a whole person lighter.. But compared to average (likely) weight of the folks walking around that convention center.. I’m doing just fine.

It really did seem like there were very few average build people walking around.   Everybody was either rail thin and pasty or extremely heavy.   Sad really.

The one thing I was plesantly surprised about was the lack of smell.  I went expecting the unwashed nerds problem you typically see at comic-cons etc..  But clearly the blizzcon attracts a higher class of dork, as we all know how to use soap.  Yay us!    (Yes, I fully include myself as one of the dorks.. High class dork thank you..)

For me the major disappointment in the whole trip was that no mention was made of the new MMO that blizzard is working on.  It’s been in the rumor mill for a while now that they are working on some brand new MMO with completely new IP.  Some folks say it will be a Starcraft MMO but most say that’s not the case..  Beyond that.. nothing.

I really had hoped they’d give us a clue as to what it would be, but I guess that will be next years blizzcon.. heh  I have lots more to say about this whole event and I’ll get to it eventually but right now I’m tired.

I will say that it was a good time, and I wouldn’t mind going again.   I hated the flights of course, primarily because I don’t like flying but that’s hardly blizzards fault..  I also wished there weren’t thirty thousand people there as it was silly to have to wait in line, in order to get in line to try something.. yeah not kidding.. it was like being jammed in an elevator..  (An elevator that has over 813000 square feet of space.. Yes its that big.. and yes it was that full..)

But those things aside.. it was good.