I want to be rich! So I am willing to take risks..

published on Apr 25, 2018 Rants!

There's this radical notion that people who earned money by taking the risk to get it, shouldn't be allowed to keep what they earned and some how they are being greedy for wanting to.. uh.. wut?

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Lost in the woods of C#

published on Jul 03, 2010 Software development

I'm really kind of frustrated at the general lack of helpful input from other people on the internet when it comes to trying to learn a new programming language..  Read More

15yr Citibank member says; Fuck you Citibank

published on Jun 29, 2010 Rants!

Well the other day I went to pay off my card and I noticed that they bumped my APR to 29.998%...   Are you fucking kidding me?  30% APR is highway robbery.. I called them up and asked them to lower my rate and they refused..  Read More