I want to be rich! So I am willing to take risks..

published on Apr 25, 2018 Rants!

There's this radical notion that people who earned money by taking the risk to get it, shouldn't be allowed to keep what they earned and some how they are being greedy for wanting to.. uh.. wut?

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Livable Wages and Unreasonable Client Expectations

published on Aug 18, 2015 Software development Business

I work in an industry that demands highly skilled laborers but are constantly bombarded by accusations of greed or people that scoff as the costs. Plumbers make more! Read More

Modifying Jekyll to track my RV-10 Build Log! Sorta...

published on Feb 07, 2015 Software development Ruby, Jekyll

I started writing a special custom plugin that would allow me to have a new post type but the more I got into it the more I realized it would take a massive rewrite of the entire jekyll stack to make this happen.. So I cheated.. Read More

Van's Aircraft RV-10: A new beginning!

published on Jan 22, 2015 Prebuild

And so it begins! I get to build my very own airplane! This is something I have pondered for awhile and finally I decided to go for it! Read More

Sometimes you just have to fire a client

published on Jan 08, 2015 Software development Business

Most people don't really think of clients as "fireable", including clients themselves... Think again. Sometimes the best thing a company can do is get rid of that problem client by giving them the boot. Read More

Learning to fly!

published on Sep 11, 2014 Aviation, Hobbies General aviation

I have always wanted to fly and have taken several steps towards doing just that in the past, but each time I would run out of money or something else in life would get in the way - No more. Read More