I want to be rich! So I am willing to take risks..

published on Apr 25, 2018 Rants!

There's this radical notion that people who earned money by taking the risk to get it, shouldn't be allowed to keep what they earned and some how they are being greedy for wanting to.. uh.. wut?

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A bots route to localhost

published on Jan 24, 2008 Randomstrings

Recently my server came under what I can only describe as an attack. Clearly some poorly written bot was trying to slurp emails or some such and was sucking up bandwidth by repeatedly loading the same loop of pages. Read More

iPhone, it's not all hype

published on Jan 22, 2008 Randomstrings Review

As some of my close friends know, I have been shopping for a new cellphone for a while now. And those same folks will tell you that not just any phone will do, I very much prefer a "convergence device." Read More

Ubuntu, Wine and World of Warcraft

published on Jan 20, 2008 Randomstrings, Hobbies

I am far from a linux "fanboi", in fact until recently I didn't really use linux all that much at all.. All of my games are played in WindowsXP simply because there really is no other option... or is there? Read More

My kitty Babie

published on Jan 18, 2008 Randomstrings Babie

Yesterday was a hard day. Even now I get a lump in my throat thinking about it. Yesterday my long time pet, companion and friend died. She had been suffering for a while, and it was finally time to stop that suffering and let her rest. A hard day indeed. Read More

Wow, I hate you!

published on Jan 11, 2008 Games

Warcraft, I hate you! Okay I don't actually.. In fact, I think the game play is pretty good. The social aspect is pretty good, the combat is pretty good, raiding can be fun, and it's a nice mindless game to play with your friends and loved ones.. In fact, just about everything is pretty good. Read More