I want to be rich! So I am willing to take risks..

published on Apr 25, 2018 Rants!

There's this radical notion that people who earned money by taking the risk to get it, shouldn't be allowed to keep what they earned and some how they are being greedy for wanting to.. uh.. wut?

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Six figures for a domain?!

published on Feb 14, 2007 Rants!

As some of you know, I was the creator of Palavista.com Read More

The RIAA .. Pissing on the masses

published on Jan 22, 2007 Rants! Riaa

So.. yet again the RIAA has decided to sue someone.. I know, shocking.. The RIAA, is suing XM for offering a device that allows people to record songs off the XM satellite service. Read More

IE7's JSFoo sucks so badly it's painful!

published on Jan 19, 2007 Randomstrings

Since I work for IBM, I can't officially say that IE sucks in my code comments -- someone complained.. Read More

Goddamn I hate people..

published on Jan 18, 2007 Rants!

Some redneck jackass gets in behind me and is flashing his lights while tailgating.. Clearly I'm not going fast enough for him. Read More

Homebrew Rapid Prototyping

published on Jan 13, 2007 Randomstrings

In the words of a friend.. "Santa clause machines are cool.." and I can't agree more. Read More