Software Developer Burnout... I suffered it.

published on May 15, 2017 Rants!

I'm sure every industry has some version of developer burnout but with folks in software it's extremely bad, and it takes months if not years to come back.. if they ever do.

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Past MMO's I have played

published on Jan 10, 2006 Games

Below is a list of every MMO that I can remember playing -- Either in beta, or once the game when live. Read More

Creativity in modern games

published on Jan 02, 2005 Rants!

One of the main issues with games today is that they are all striving very hard to simulate reality. Read More

Ambivalent about people

published on Jan 01, 2005 Rants!

Sometimes I wish I were alone, out in space.. A lone trader.. Just trying to make a living.. Not bothering anyone.. More to the point, not being bothered.. Read More

Sky Diving

published on Dec 21, 2004 Randomstrings Experience

I got to do something that was literally above and beyond the range of the word cool. I got to jump out of an airplane at 14,000 ft. Read More

T-Mobile's Stellar Service

published on Jan 02, 2004 Rants!

T-Mobile used to be a damn good mobile carrier, but their service is starting to suck. Their customer service people lie, are generally rude, and talk down to you. Read More