Out of time, Site Future Plans, Life Goals, Etc..

published on Dec 01, 2016 Rants!

Well, it's that time again. Time for me to talk about how I never post any more and how I have no time. Life is super busy, I'm doing too many things, I need to find time. etc.. Feh.. These are all lies.

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I hate advertising...

published on Jan 02, 2003 Rants!

Everywhere I turn.. Advertising! It's everywhere! Right now, thanks to that damn "sober" virus out of Germany, I'm getting a crapload of German spam! Read More

Being called a racist...

published on Oct 25, 2001 Rants!

I refused to judge a person based on their race.. but in turn was judged and called a racist. Read More

Our generations Pearl Harbor?

published on Sep 11, 2001 Rants!

What has been solved today? Oh yeah.. You sure showed us.. What was the point? Why did thousands of people have to die? what were you trying to prove? Read More

Software Piracy

published on Jan 02, 2001 Rants!

I got into another Software Piracy debate today.. People just don't get it. As a programmer that makes his living off the software that he writes; Its a tough thing to be stolen from in that manner. Read More