Out of time, Site Future Plans, Life Goals, Etc..

published on Dec 01, 2016 Rants!

Well, it's that time again. Time for me to talk about how I never post any more and how I have no time. Life is super busy, I'm doing too many things, I need to find time. etc.. Feh.. These are all lies.

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Tellico Turnings Sign

published on Mar 02, 2012 Hobbies Wood working, Scroll saw

So while in Tennessee with my father, I told him I'd make him some signs for his shop... Read More

My latest trip to TN and Dads new store

published on Feb 29, 2012 Hobbies Wood working

This last week I got to spend some quality time with the folks in Tennessee and more specifically time alone with my father (which I haven't gotten to do in years) at his new store.  It was pretty great! Read More

Scroll Saw and MLT-13 Wooden Clock

published on Feb 13, 2012 Hobbies Wood working, Scroll saw, Clock

I have always been a very artsy-craftsy person as I thoroughly enjoy making things.  I like working with my hands and creating something from nothing. Read More

2011, SWTOR, and iPad2

published on Jan 03, 2012 Randomstrings

I realize that it's been a while since I posted to my blog and it's something that I want to be better about in new year but it's very difficult for me to get excited about anything that's going on right now. Read More

My own custom blogging software

published on Nov 03, 2011 Software development

As many of you know, I am very much my own special kind of nerd.  I enjoy doing many a'geeky thing that others wouldn't even dream of.  To be honest, I think all software engineers have to be a bit brain damaged just to do their job. Read More