I want to be rich! So I am willing to take risks..

published on Apr 25, 2018 Rants!

There's this radical notion that people who earned money by taking the risk to get it, shouldn't be allowed to keep what they earned and some how they are being greedy for wanting to.. uh.. wut?

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Electoral college versus popular vote

published on Nov 07, 2012 Randomstrings Voting

So, with the 2012 presidential election finally over, I'd like to discuss some of the things that I saw during the whole shebang... Read More

wow it's really been a while

published on Nov 05, 2012 Randomstrings

Hey guys, I'm went dark for quite some time apparently and I didn't really mean to let this much time passed since my last post.. Read More

RubyPress Wordpress Replacement

published on Mar 26, 2012 Software development Ruby, Ruby on rails, Wordpress

So a while back I had thought my WordPress install was getting exploited through some bug and decided I wanted to write my own replacement... Read More

Tellico Turnings Sign

published on Mar 02, 2012 Hobbies Wood working, Scroll saw

So while in Tennessee with my father, I told him I'd make him some signs for his shop... Read More

My latest trip to TN and Dads new store

published on Feb 29, 2012 Hobbies Wood working

This last week I got to spend some quality time with the folks in Tennessee and more specifically time alone with my father (which I haven't gotten to do in years) at his new store.  It was pretty great! Read More