Book Review: A Game of Thrones

Published on Sep 26, 2010 Randomstrings Review « Prev Next »

I don’t normally do book reviews but this book was so good I had to make an exception..   This book is easily some of the best candy I have had in a long time, with extremely rich and deep characters that often leave you guessing as to whom the good guy or bad guy actually is.. 

Set in a fictional medieval time this book is a fantasy, but the fantastic elements slowly creep in over the course of the series and as such almost seems more of a historical fiction with knights, kings and what not..   Either way, George R.R. Martin has done a masterful job of creating an extremely suspenseful story full of political intrigue, action and hard core drama.

Originally released back in 1997 I some how missed this story until now..  At this point, it includes 4 books and I’m part way through the second one.. So far it appears to be a fantastic continuation of the first book beginning exactly where the first book left off as if it were one long book.. Yay!   It’s good.. It’s damn good..  The authors voice and the depth of the characters make it so..

I highly recommend it.  Clickie to Barnes and Nobles

At this point I have only one complaint, and that’s the eReader version appears to have a lot of typos.. Some are quite jarring.. But you can easily ignore them.. Or if you get the paper/hard back you wont have this problem..

5/5 from me.. Good work George..

Apparently they are making the series into an HBO special in 2011..  It better be good!