Information & how to use this build log

published on Jan 01, 2016 Prebuild

Each of the pages I create for this build log are different than normal blog post entries in that they are living documents

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Things that make you go Hrmmm...

published on Feb 10, 2015 After action review

Building this aircraft hasn't been all roses and happy times. There have been somethings that I kinda question and think could have been handled better. Find those thing shere. Read More


published on Jan 27, 2015 Prebuild

Lots and Lots of tools! I got with some of the other builders out there and got a list of what I would need, versus what Van's actually suggested. It's a slightly different list. Read More

Van's Aircraft RV-10: A new beginning!

published on Jan 22, 2015 Prebuild

And so it begins! I get to build my very own airplane! This is something I have pondered for awhile and finally I decided to go for it! Read More