Can't talk... playing Rock Band!

Published on Apr 05, 2010 Games « Prev Next »

So I haven’t updated my blog in a while because all my spare time has been spent playing Rockband 2.. It’s like crack.. They put subliminal messages in the video’s to make you want to play it day and night!!

The best part is that my wife has been playing it too.. And even more surprising is she likes playing drums!!   That actually came as a shock to me.. I expected her to enjoy guitar or bass.. I never thought she’d like the drums because frankly they are the hardest part..

But she loves it so we play together and do fairly well..Good times!!

Now they just need to add a lot more Journey songs.. They only have 2?!  TWO!!!  sigh  More!  I want more damnit.. hehe

Good game.. I highly recommend it..