Replacing my cars computer with my own...

Published on Apr 10, 2011 Randomstrings « Prev Next »

MP3Car DSH-039-2
MP3Car DSH-039-2

I have a Mercedes CLK 350 and it’s a pretty good car.   I’m fairly happy with it, but frankly I feel that the Mercedes COMAND system sucks and has to go..  Okay maybe “has to go” is a bit harsh, but it’s sub par to be sure.   I have seen other systems in other vehicles and I think most of them are better, if not perfect either. I believe that this particular system is in prime need of replacement and I have to wonder how hard that would be..  Plus if I’m unhappy with it others likely are too, or they are unhappy with their vehicles system and want a replacement..

This seems like a vacuum that needs to be filled.  A perfect environment for some clever folks to create maybe an open source product based on some free OS that you can install tools on to do what you want.. etc..  Even a “marketplace” like system that allows for custom apps to be installed..  Maybe android or linux based that would customize itself to he specific vehicle.. etc..  God that’d be awesome..

You’d need an inexpensive mini car computer that you could use for those vehicles that don’t have a system in need of replacement, but think of the market!  Think of the number of vehicles on the road today in America and around the world that you could be selling to..

Either way, during my research I found a dashboard replacement for my cars computer at  That and the mini-computer from above and.. I think we have a real possibility here!

The main issue is that I’m not sure that just uninstalling the computer that’s currently in there is a good idea or even an option as the entire car depends on it.  This thing is not just your media player, but its also the navigation system, settings, phone, etc..  It IS the car in many ways.  Replacement may not be an option..  Hell even setting the cars clock as to be done through this system..  Plus the LCD in the center of the console near my speedometer is controlled by it too!

It’d be a hell of a lot of work to get this thing installed and make sure that all the functionality that is currently there, is put back.. I know we could do better eventually but the car would likely be undrivable for a while..   Still it’s a cool idea..