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Published on Jul 28, 2008 Games « Prev Next »

Shooting themselves in the foot? Mmm maybe.. I’m an avid MMO player and ever since Cryptic first announced City of Heroes back in 2002(?) I was in love with the idea of a super hero MMO. It really seems that all modern MMO’s are fantasy based, and I have said for a while that I’m pretty fantasy-ed out.

Cryptic had sold CoH to the masses as this do anything engine that would mirror “Champions” the role playing game, without actually saying the word champions. And to be honest, it turned out to be much less than champions. Still a good game, but not the freeform system that everyone envisioned. Lots of work and updates went into the game and it’s still pretty fun. I still play it.

In November of 2007 Cryptic sold their ownership of the CoH and City of Villains franchise to NCSoft so that they could work on their new super secret project!

Enter, the real Champions Online. Everyone kind of assumed that the super secret project that Cryptic was working on was Champions Online. I don’t know this for sure, but I get the impression that they were trying to get the Champions Intellectual Property license for a long time – like even back while working on CoH. They didn’t get it until recently,  once they got it they dropped CoH like a bad habit.

The Champions Online website was pretty lack luster to be fair and in all honesty the game as awhole looks like nothing but CoH 2.0.   I’m okay with that – I think that the City of Heroes game is a great game with a lot of casual game play, and a lot of hidden depth as well for the hard core gamer..    So seeing them simply move forward with what City of Heroes is, but meld it a bit to make it more Champions like with new and improved, safe for carpets hotness..

Oh man that’d be great!  Having said that, the Champions Online website had a count down clock that finally counted down just the other day.  Most of us expected a new video, graphics, eyecandy or someting.. But I doubt anyone expected, what we got..

Star trek online’s website went live..  Cryptic got the Star Trek IP!!    So.. what that means is that Cryptic is doing two major MMO franchises at once!     Ugh..

This sorta seems bad to me.  Firstly, Star Trek seems to have a bit of a curse associated with it..  And now they are saying they are going to do both Star Trek AND Champions Online at the same time? Hrmmm This is worrisome.. I fear that this means we are going to get 2 bad games..  Bad for business, bad for the customers.. just.. bad.