Don't buy anything from Ubisoft...

Published on Aug 19, 2011 Rants! Bs, Drm, Piracy, Ubisoft « Prev Next »

If you buy just about any product and have an issue with that product, you have a reasonable expectation of being able to take that product back and get a replacement.  Example;  Buy a TV and it doesn’t work, you return it and get a new one.. Or return it and get your money back.  That new shirt not fit quite right?  Take it back..

Not with software.  With software once purchased you’re stuck with it.   There is typically a very strict “no return” policy, and this sucks.  It’s to the point now where most stores wont even take back unopened software.  Once the transaction is done, its done.

So if you get that software home and it just plain doesn’t work, you’re hosed.  You’re just out that money, and you have absolutely zero recourse other than to not purchase that companies software any more.  That’s where I’m at with Ubisoft.

The reasoning for having zero recourse, and the reasoning you can’t return software is very simple;  Software piracy.   If you buy a TV at Walmart you can’t take it home and clone it.   But you can with software, so the industry as a whole assumes that everyone is out to clone their software because we are all dishonest, thus this ‘no-return’ shenanigans goes on in the name of loss prevention.

I mean seriously, this is a whole industry that thinks and treats their customers as crooks..   What other industry blatantly dislikes and mistrusts their own customers this much?

The problem is that major software companies like Ubisoft bank on the fact that you can’t return their shit, so they are more than happy to churn out crappy product after crappy product.   More over, since they know you have no recourse they don’t bother to provide any form of support for those crappy products.    So this is yet another example of the software industry screwing the honest consumer.

I purchased Silent Hunter 5 in the hopes of being able to play it, and it doesn’t work.  It crashes every time I run it.  I have installed/reinstalled it a number of times and have followed all the instructions I can find.  I have updated all drivers on my system to include bios and mobo drivers and still have the exact same issue.  No other game has this issue except this one.

It still doesn’t work.

I have posted on the Ubisoft support forums and have gotten zero responses.  I submitted a ticket to Ubisoft about the issue only to have a canned response telling me that my drivers were out of date… which they aren’t.

I honestly and in good faith purchased this product to play it, and for whatever reason it doesn’t work.  As a customer I believe I have a reasonable expectation of getting support for this product, but apparently that’s not the case as zero support has been forthcoming.

So, I should be allowed to return it.   But I can’t and they know it, and this pisses me off.   I’m just stuck with this dead piece of software.

So now my only recourse is to simply never buy anything Ubisoft again.  First you call me a crook by forcing me to use your shitty DRM, and now you call me a crook by refusing to let me return a product that is clearly broken all because you think I’m a pirate.

See.. the irony is, you guys hate your customers so much and fear software piracy so much that you have gone to such extraordinary lengths to stop it only to have succeeded in creating the very environment in which it’s acceptable by even the most honest person..

You obviously hate your honest consumers, well I hate you back.  Fuck you Ubisoft, your dead to me.

I will never buy another Ubisoft product.  You shouldn’t either.