Eve being bad and tools

Published on Jan 07, 2008 Games « Prev Next »

So as some of you know I have been playing the hell out of Eve.. I am really enjoying the game and things are going nicely. I have created a baby combat alt on a second account that I use to PVP and generally misbehave and I’m enjoying it very much. And I mean I’ve been really bad.. heh I have done everything from gate camping to ore stealing, which is generally something I don’t think of very highly. But its actually quite a lot of fun..

My goal was not to grief or be a jerk, but rather to learn what can be done and the best way to go about it. That way when someone is doing it to me, I know. The irony of it so far is, I am enjoying it quite a lot. Probably more than I should to be honest. My main has very expensive ships and implants that I don’t want to risk, plus he is entirely skilled towards industry and production. When I created the new alt, I said that I would never fear risking him. If he dies.. so be it. No big deal.

That different mindset has really opened my eyes to the game and brought about a lot of enjoyment. So any advice I would give at this point is don’t fear dying. Fuck it.. Death means nothing, its part of the game. If you keep that in mind you’ll have a lot more fun! And engaging people you have no business engaging can actually be quite a lot of fun, and you might surprise yourself. I was able to take out a number of larger ships with a little T1 Frigate.. I was stunned. Much of that might be my knowledge as a player versus the knowledge of my target but still. A frigate can take out a cruiser.. It might take a while, but you can do it. (I dunno about a BS though, probably cant out dps the recharge amounts)

I find that playing this part of the game has really forced me to pay close attention to what all those little numbers mean when you look at any bit of equipment. Suddenly signature radii and transversal velocity is very important.. hehe

I also find it amusing that my baby combat alt makes money hand over fist through missions and PVP’ing alone. (I love having sold someones gear back to them after I pop’d their ship.. heh) Where as my main does nothing but mining and industry related activities, and probably doesn’t do as well in the long run. He makes money too, but there is a lot more work involved in mining and producing items versus just killing things and doing missions. In the grand scheme of things my main has a lot more money, but the new character seems to be making it faster.. this may just be due to my playing it more.

Its also nice having two fully rigged out battlecruisers and higher to do missions, versus only one. Here soon, my “baby combat alt” wont be so baby like any more and will actually fit a larger ship than my main.. which is fine by me! My main will happily stay in his T2 Fitted Drake and stand off launching missiles.. =)

Either way I’m having a lot of fun… To that end, I have started creating tools that I find useful that will work both in-game in the mini-browser and out of game in a browser with no loss of functionality. This means no javascript what so ever – ouch.