Fry's strikes again!

Published on Jan 04, 2007 Rants! « Prev Next »

I’m now officially to the point where I hate Fry’s - more over, I’m completely baffled as to how they stay in business. Every time I buy something there, it’s defective and usually has been opened and returned before. If someone returns a product for being broken, why do they insist on putting it back out on the floor?! Does boxing it up some how make it magically work? - It’s over Fry’s. I officially will no longer shop at your stores.

I’d rather have higher prices on products that actually work, rather than deal with your shit..

Why would you do this? If customer A buys a $100 joystick, takes it home and tries to use it - only to find out that there is a short in the cord making the joystick unusable - a two part joystick that requires power to both devices is oddly not very useful if one of the devices doesn’t get powered - it’s perfectly reasonable for him to take it back and get another one. Probably happens all the time. When he returns it they always ask what the problem was - why do you ignore it?!

No no.. just box it back up, maybe some other sucker will buy it..

In steps me, customer B - as in Boob - who purchases the new joystick blissfully unaware that it had been previously purchased and stuffed back into the box god knows how many times..

Fry’s USED to put stickers on the box saying that “this product has been previously opened”.. yeah they don’t do that any more.. Now they dress up the box as it was and stick it back on the floor, obviously with out doing ANY checks what so ever.. And not disclosing in any way what so ever that they item you’re purchasing as NEW, isn’t.

So when I got home - 55minute drive ONE WAY - and opened my new joystick, the bags and twisties and what not inside were all akimbo and clearly not how the factory would have packed it. Not a good sign. My first thought was; Well shit - this has been previously opened.. even though they sold it to me as if it were new.. Bastards..

And guess what.. its broken to boot - completely unusable. The device had nicks and scratches on the outside of it and the cables had very clear shorts in it. So now I’m forced to return it - JUST LIKE THE FIRST GUY!

Why do this Fry’s? All you’re doing is pissing off customers..

Do you just count sales? I mean does this count as 2 sales for you .. whoo hoo… Never mind the fact that it was returned twice so the bottom line is still zero.. no no.. its two sales we can report! Go us! is that it?

Or do you expect the customer to troll the rest of the store and buy other things while returning their defective product? ‘cause here’s a clue.. they don’t. They are pissed off that you have inconvenienced them and forced them to come when they didn’t want to.. so the last thing they want to do is buy something else from you that they probably will just have to return again..

IT’S BAD BUSINESS! And if it happened only once or twice.. I could forgive that.. Hey people are just human and make mistakes.. woops that one got put back on the shelf by mistake.. but no.. this happens CONSTANTLY at Fry’s.. It’s got to be part of your store policy or something; “We only return stuff to the manufacturer if its been returned to the store 10 or more times.. “

Well guess what - you’ve lost a customer forever. Others that I know have also sworn off your crappy store and if you keep this up no one will want to shop there.

There are quite a few other stores that do what you do - only better. Your low prices aren’t worth the bullshit of having to return everything, and I do mean everything. With the exception of a pair of memory sticks that I got at Fry’s (also had been pre-opened) I have had to return everything because it was defective.. Never again. I’d rather pay the extra one or two percent and know that the product I got was worth a damn..

Today I will return this joystick and demand a refund, at which point Fry’s.. You’re dead to me.