15yr Citibank member says; Fuck you Citibank

Published on Jun 29, 2010 Rants! « Prev Next »

I have been a Citibank member for 15 years.  I got my first Citicard in 1995 while I was in the military after I got back from Korea because I figured it was time to go ahead and start working on my credit..

I have always tried to keep a balance off of it, but there have been a couple  years where just due to the times I couldn’t help but carry a small balance..

Well the other day I went to pay off my card and I noticed that they bumped my APR to 29.998%…   Are you fucking kidding me?  30% APR is highway robbery..

I called them up and asked them to lower my rate and they refused..  The operator I got ahold of (once I navigated their automated system) told me that “.. they were unable to lower my rate at this time. Thanks for calling.. click

I immediately called them back and told the new operator (that I got after navigating their automated system.. again) that I wanted to cancel my account and that it was due to their recent rate hike.. I have zero intention of paying 30% and that’s ludicrous..   He said, “but wait.. what if we lowered your APR would that make you stay?”

I explained that the previous operator told me there was no way to lower my rate.. So I want to cancel the account.. (2)..  He came back explaining that he could lower my rate to 26% for 6 months.. (after which it would spring back to 30%)..  I said that this was a bunch of crap, that if this was such a deal why didn’t the last guy offer it and that 26% is still robbery..  No thank you, I’d like to cancel my account.. (3)..

“But wouldn’t you like to lower your rate?” ..   I explained that if he could lower my rate to 0% I’d stick around, otherwise, I’d like to cancel my account.. (4)..  “No you want to lower your rate, so that the remaining balance doesn’t take that 30% rate, but instead gets this much lower rate… “  (26% is “much lower”)..  I told him that I just paid the account off, online.. that there is no remaining balance and that I’d like to cancel my account.. (5)..

But.. blah blah.. and blahdiddy blah..   I’d like to cancel my account.. (6).. if you keep pestering me to lower my rate I will ask to speak to your manager..

“Id be more than happy to let you speak to my manager..  but golly we need to lower this rate.. blah blah bullshit bullshit I’m a douche blah blah blah”..   I’d like to cancel my fucking account please.. (7).. and now I want to speak to your manager..

I honestly was getting really pissed.. this asshat wouldn’t let me just cancel the damn account..  I don’t want it any more.. you’re trying to screw me, and I refuse to do business with you..  Take your “amazing low rate of 26%” and shove it up your ass..  cancel my account.. I shouldn’t have to ask for this 7+ times.. (I’m sure it was more than 7.. this is very much the short version.. )

Eventually he asks me to hold (I fully expected him to just hang up the phone..)  A minute or so later someone got on the line claiming to be his manager and I told him that I wanted to cancel the account and that I shouldn’t have to ask so many times, and that I shouldn’t be pressured to do something I don’t want to do.. I want to cancel the account.. Period.. I’m done working with you..

He said, “Fine it’s canceled, do you want confirmation of the cancelation?”  – “You’re damn skippy.. “  –  “It will be sent to your billing address.. click

The manager was rude as hell..  I should never have had to deal with him.. The initial call taker should be fired to be honest.. Or retrained at best..

As to Citibank..  I’m done with you..  Jack my rate to 30% which should be criminal, and then as of April 1st 2010, charge a $60 annual fee just to have the card?!   That’s $60 a year, just to have that card empty in your wallet.  Are you kidding me?  This is some kind of joke right?

It’s clear to me that Citibank doesn’t give a rats ass about their members if this is the way they plan to treat us..   So fine.. Bye.. I’m done with Citibank forever.. I wont do business with you ever again.. period.

More over I plan to tell as many people as possible not to do business with Citibank as they are clearly a bunch of crooks..