Game Review: Dawn of War 2

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Dawn of War 2

I love Warhammer.  I have played Warhammer table top war game both fantasy and 40k pretty much since they came out.  I also have the Warhammer fantasy role playing game, the more recent Warhammer 40k role playing game and gave the Warhammer fantasy MMO a spin.

Games workshop has done a really good job at creating a compelling IP (too bad blizzard stole most of it.. but I digress).. So I was extremely excited about Dawn of War, though for whatever reason I didn’t get to play it much.

DoW looked very good and I wanted to make sure that I played DoW2!    I wasn’t about to let more Warhammer goodness slip by!

DoW2 made by Relic studios uses the same engine that Company of Heroes uses and looks fantastic.   More over, so long as you never actually try to play other people you’ll have a great time!    The game is designed to be very fast paced and they have removed the “build” element from the game entirely.

It’s pretty clear to me that they have geared this game towards the 16 to 20 year old Korean kids or people with a severe case of ADD as the game plays at a pretty much frantic pace.   Not my style, but I can see why it would be fun.

More over, I bet if I were actually able to play it multiplayer it would be a cool game..   Oh but I can’t.

Why you ask?

Simple really.. Relic uses the same craptacular network code that Company of Heroes used back in 2006, and as such a good 50% of the game owners out there, can’t play it online.  The game always complains of a “NAT ERROR”.

I can (and do) play other multiplayer games all the time.  I can play GRID, Call of Duty, Battlefield 2142, Left 4 Dead, TFC2..etc.. all multiplayer, all online over the internet and all work just fine.   Yet DoW2 (and Company of Heroes) all say my network is bad.   And I have tried everything right down to plugging my system directly into the modem which generally I think is a bad idea..

More over, the relic forums have a LOT of folks complaining about this issue.  Since this exact same error has been in effect since CoH was released in 2006.. It’s pretty apparent that Relic doesn’t give a crap..  And as such, I will not buy this game, and would further ask others to not buy this game.

If the game developers can refuse to fix a problem that has been plaguing their games for a while (and blame the users instead of their code or code decsisions for the problem), then why should I or any one else buy their game?     You don’t reward the dog and say “good boy” when he craps on the carpet..  Paying money for something we can’t use effectively rewards them for making something that doesn’t work.

I wont be buying this game.  The game play gets a 2 1/2 out of 5.. the speed RTS isn’t my style but I can see what some would like it, however the removal of the build element completely turns the game into a zerg fest designed to compete with star craft 2 which I don’t find fun at all..

The network thing drags the score down to a 1.  Fix your shit Relic.