Game Review: Farcry 2

Published on Oct 28, 2008 Games Review « Prev Next »

Open world game play is all the rage. The industry has decided that linear is out and that open ended randomness is in! The issue being of course that it detracts from the over all story and game play something awful.. of course gameplay also appears to be out right now, so no big loss … but I get ahead of myself..

Over the weekend I picked up Farcry 2.  I wasn’t on the original Farcry boat.. For whatever reason that game came and went long before I ever saw it.  When I finally did get my grubby hands on it, I had just played HL2 and was jonesing for some extra action.. needless to say it didn’t do much for me..   But I could see the potential!  And certainly why it was thought of as awesome.. It was still pretty good for an older game..

Now that Farcry 2 is out I was one of the first ones on the band wagon.  I downloaded the game from direct2drive and had it installed and playing in fairly short order.

Once I got the game installed I promptly… logged into World of Warcraft… my wife wanted me to play with her.  But once that was done I played some Farcry 2!

The initial opening sequences were pretty neat and the game looked like it had some promise in the vein of direction and fun.  Wow was I ever wrong.

After several hours of game play I have a long list of complaints.  More over it’s very obvious to me that they were more interested in making the game engine look pretty than making a game that is fun to play.

It really seems like the they were entirely too determined to make their game engine as pretty as the crysis engine, game play be damned.  And I believe they have done so, the graphics engine is wonderful guys, but so many of the other portions of the game lack.

The folks at UBI were all keen on making sure you knew this game was going for ultra realism!  And yet again, a long line of games have fallen far short of that goal.  I really wish they would stop trying.  Simulating realism in a game is impossible especially when the controls are a mouse and keyboard.

OR a game pad controller which is exactly all they were aiming for.

I really hate what console gaming is doing to the PC gaming market.  Trying to make 1 game that works 100% with PCs and Consoles is fine, but why do you make the PC gamers suffer with the limited controls?

Securom DRM – Firstly a word about securom;  Farcry 2 uses the same shitty DRM model that spore uses, and just like spore and all other games that use it, only serves to piss off and thus on the legit users who actually bought the game.   I maintain that any user who was going to hack the game would hack it anyway and companies aren’t making any money by adding all this anti-piracy code that intentionally rootkits legit users computers.   To the entire industry I say, fuck you.  Stop it!  You are only spending extra money on something that is only serving to kill your industry..  The bloody system was hacked weeks before you even brought it out..  So far the only people that your DRM is preventing from playing the game, are the ones that legitimately bought the game!   I don’t know why I bother, this is yet another example of the game executives being fucking morons and refusing to listen to their customers.  Shocker.  The state of the PC gaming industry can be traced directly back to your poor decisions.

No Prone / No Lean – I mean seriously.  Why can’t I go prone or lean left / right around corners?  This is basic first person shooter 101 stuff and in the vein of realism seems kinda important..  the answer of course is because console gamers have no button for that.. so PC gamers must suffer too.. Serously lame.

Destructable Environments – In the video and various other sources they talked about how the entire world would be destructable.. and nothing is.  You can shoot the hood off a car, or burn a building..etc..  Stuff will come flying at you etc.. but in the end the building is exactly as it was.   You can shoot the leaves off a bush, but not chop them off.. etc..   In the end nothing is really destructable.. Lame.

Somali’s are uber! – Why the hell does every 90lb Somali guy take 10 or 12 bullets to the chest before falling down?  … only to get up and crawl away as if nothing happened.  I mean seriously these guys are fricken uber as hell..  It’s rediculous how much damage they take before dying..  This is lame.

There he is! Get him! – Every NPC in the game upon getting a glimps of you (oh and they WILL see you) just starts shooting.  No questions asked.  Why do they open fire on you no matter what?!  Do I have a big blinking sign “bad guy here” over my head?  This is lame as hell..

Windy as hell – The realtree system that the engine employ’s looks fantastic, but at one point the wind was blowing so damn hard it would have been a hurricane.. Huge thick trunked trees were whipping back and forth in such an unrealistic manner that it really detracted from the game..  Cap the winds guys..

Instant Respawn and drive times – The game is massively open, and as such you have to drive from one point to another during missions.  It takes ages to get there and the vehicles drive like shit.  They very much feel like a cardboard box, not a real vehicle.  But fine, that can be forgiven.  More over, I’m okay with the openess of the game, but to keep things interesting they have placed ambush points in the form of guardposts on every fricken road between any two points.   In order to get to your mission you’ll likely have to drive through 5 or 6 of them and it’s a full on fight every time.   Which again, fine.    But they respawn to full strength pretty much instantly.    Why?!   Combine that with the fact that they are uber, nothing is destructable, they see you and open fire instantly..etc..  you get the point.

Frankly it’s just rediculous that they respawn so quickly, it’s tedious and irritiating and servies no purpose but to piss me off.  The placed it there to keep the game from getting boring.. well this only exacerbated the problem not fix it.

All in all, the game kinda sucks.  It’s not fun.  It’s flat, lifeless and plainly dull because you end up having to do the same bullshit over and over again with out any real story or ties to some kind of story line.  It has none of the immersion that UBI claims is there.

In the end, I’m sadly disappointed.  I’ll likely keep playing it a bit just to make sure, then ditch it for good.