Game Review: Night Sky

Published on Mar 06, 2011 Games Review « Prev Next »

So in a fit of boredom last night I downloaded an indy game off Steam called “NightSky” for the low price of $9.

What a great game!  Extremely simple in concept, elegantly produced with a level of depth and complexity that a lot of modern big company games fail to match.

In NightSky the player controls a glowing sphere that they found on the beach through a nighttime shadowed series of mazes and puzzles.  You have limited and often changing control over the sphere, but most of the time you can accelerate and decelerate the sphere, make it go super fast or have a sticky like brake.  In some cases you can even invert gravity and in others there are pinball like flippers.  Fun!

The goal is to use the physics engine and your limited controls to guide the sphere through all of the different worlds which are divided into a number of three-screen sections with each section containing a challenge or puzzle.

My complaints for this game are few but you know me; I always have some.

  1.  You can’t control the screen resolution.  The game is either Windowed at 600x340, Maximized which gives you a black screen with 600x340 in the center where the game is, or full screen in which it changes your monitor resolution down to that small.. Ugh.. Seriously?!   My Desktop resolution is 5520x1200..  This game looks like a postage stamp by comparison forcing me to play it in the full screen mode which jacks up my other two monitors..  I really don’t like this and seems an odd choice all things considered.

That’s it!  There it is.. the only complaint I can find..   If you read my game reviews I can always find a lot of things to complain about.. but I got nothing else..

All in all I give this game a 4.5 out of 5 and say get it!  It’s a lot of fun and considering how small a team put it together they deserve the money.  Yet another perfect example of how simple elegant game play will win over big budget massive game every time.  Take note big developers, game play wins!

To Nicklas Nygren and the Nifflas crew I say thanks a lot!  This is a keeper..