Games Workshop -- Warhammer Fantasy: The new Skaven

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I have been a Skaven player since the early 1990’s.  They were the second fantasy army I got into after Orcs & Goblins.  Once I found the blessing of the horned rat however, my love of all things green didn’t last very long..   The Skaven were here to stay!  I love these little guys.. Primarily because back then they were as damaging and deadly to themselves as they were to anyone else..

Later revisions of the Skaven codex very much removed a good portion of the wild and whacky from the army entirely and they sort of became boring.. I stuck with them through all these years but eventually ventured into Tomb Kings just to try something new..  Well with the new Skaven, I’m back baby..

And my opponents are doomed!

Or, well I might be doomed.. It all depends on the dice I suppose..   Either way it promises to be fun!

I really like where they are going with the army.. I mean I know the army is bound to be more powerful than the current armies are simply because it’s the latest army..   That’s just the way of things.. Games Workshop is a company in the business to make money and the way to do that is to make the lastest revision just a smidge better than previous ones so folks will flock to it.. But having said that, I like that they army is back to being quite self destructive..

New Doomwheel
New Doomwheel

Firstly, they have added the doomwheel back to the roster.. Something they completely omitted from the last book entirely.. Not only did they bring it back in the new book but they released a new model for it and its great!

I still have my old doomwheel model on the shelf where its sat for the last 10 years or so not getting played.. and when I read that the new book would have a doomwheel I blew off the dust getting it ready for play..  Then I saw the new model.. Holy crap.. Yeah okay.. back on the shelf you go.. I’m getting the new on and painting it.. (See image)

Plus it’s all plastic!  Yay!

I remember the day when the metal models were all way more detailed than anything they could come up with in plastic, but those days are long gone.. Give me plastic all the way..  Well it appears GW has heard our pleas and is intending to release all new models for the Skaven..   They have already put out a number of them, with a few more in the wings to come out.

Plus the codex has a bunch of new units that they will have to produce models for sooner or later so I expect even more..

Stormvermin Before and After
Stormvermin Before and After

The new stormvermin plastic kit is fantastic.. Gone are the days of having to purchase a buttload of individually packed blisters at$15 each just to have a 20 model unit.. The new stormvermin box comes with everything you need to have a fully functional unit of 20 models..

They paint up nicely and the dip method works perfectly on Skaven.  Click the before and after picture to see what I’m talking about.  That model was painted in about 15 minutes.. I did what I can only call a slap/dash job of painting him with basic colors and then performed the magical “dip” at which point he came out looking great.

Add to the mix the WAY over the top new characters and warmachines and you have one powerful army..  I look forward to building a force to play with..  The only down side is it looks like I will have to repurpose all my old models as they aren’t what I would build now..  The up side is, I now have more slaves than I know what to do with..