I have always been a huge fan of the turn based tactical isometric games such as Jagged Alliance, JA2, Xcom..etc..  So this new one excited me!

I played Red Faction back in 2001 when it first came out and enjoyed the heck out of it.   It was the very first game to come out with the Geo-Mod game engine which allowed for massive destruction of the game models and levels.  

So in a fit of boredom last night I downloaded an indy game off Steam called "NightSky" for the low price of $9. What a great game!

I have always liked turn based strategy games.. They used to be "the" game genre, but over the years as time and technology has marched forward they have largely started to decline in  favor of more real time strategy games and first person shooters.

I really do enjoy the Call of Duty franchise..  It started out as a PC shooter back in 2003 and was pretty much heralded as the game to be or beat..  They continued with expansion after expansion and broadened their horizons to other machines.

I never played the first Force Unleashed game and I sorta regretted it as I knew several folks who said it was a pretty good game..  So I was really excited when they announced a Force Unleashed 2 for the PC... Now I'm not sure why -- it's shit.

I can't even begin to describe how awesome this is going to be..  I'm so stoked.. And I have to say, I totally called it!!

When will companies learn that their draconian efforts to prevent piracy only serves to hurt their paying customers which directly affects their bottom line!!

So I have been playing in the Starcraft 2 beta and to be honest, I'm not overly impressed.  It's basically the same game brought forward with some refinement..  Fine.. Those who love it can play it..

Here's my righteous opinion on the the first 15 levels of fed play and the first 12 or so of Klingon.. I only really have 2 major complaints.

Firstly, I was really worried when I found out the end game for STO would be PVP-centric.  That just doesn't really work normally for any number of reasons which I wont go into just yet..

I ask you -- can Bioware do no wrong?  Every game of theirs that I have played, I have loved.  Neverwinter Nights was kinda "Feh" but the concept was excellent even though the editor was horrible.

I have played a lot of MMO's in my time.. I feel I have a pretty good handle on the genre and have a very good idea of what makes a game good

Okay I know I'm not supposed to talk about this yet, but it's near enough to open beta that I feel I can safely talk about the game without giving anything important away -- or at the very least I think I'm safe from being sued..  (Please don't sue me..)

I love the Warhammer universe.  I have been an avid player of the various table top miniature games as well as the couple RPG games in the same universe.   So when Warhammer Online came out a year ago, I was stoked!

Yep.. This is a World of Warcraft post.. And one in which I plan to complain to Blizzard about the recent rounds of nurfing.. But firstly let me say that Thorim is dead!  Long live Thorim.

So I have long been a fan of the Total War franchise created by Creative Assembly..  Their games have always been pretty fun -- but most of them have been fairly buggy..

I love Warhammer.  I have played Warhammer table top war game both fantasy and 40k pretty much since they came out.  I also have the Warhammer fantasy role playing game, the more recent Warhammer 40k role playing game and gave the Warhammer fantasy MMO a spin.

Mirrors Edge for the PC is a first person action-adventure puzzle game with an extremely compelling story line and quite possibly the most frustrating game play known to man.

I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of zombie thrillers, so I was hesitant about picking up the latest game from Valve; Left 4 Dead.  I just don't really get why people like zombies so much..

I'm a bit of a Sid Meier's fan -- He will likely go down in history as the king of turn based strategy games with the introduction of the Civilization franchise in the early 1990's.

Open world game play is all the rage. The industry has decided that linear is out and that open ended randomness is in!

So, I have always liked racing games. Grand Turismo was always my favorite franchise on the PS2 because the game was absolutely beautiful and fun to play.  However, I hated always being tied to the PS2.

Shooting themselves in the foot? Mmm maybe.. I'm an avid MMO player and ever since Cryptic first announced City of Heroes back in 2002 I was in love with the idea of a super hero MMO.

I play Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy table top games. I also used to play the Warhammer fantasy role playing game when I was in highschool.. Right now I'm doing my damnedest to assemble and paint models for my new Warhammer 40k Orks Army.

So I find I have been playing quite a few web based games of late. And just about all of them has brought to the fore of my mind the glaring fact that there is nothing they have done that I can't do. Seriously.

Spore is a multi-genre massively single-player online game designed by Will Wright and has drawn quite a lot of attention due to its massive scope and open ended game play.

City of Heroes (and thus City of Villains) is one of those sleeper games that has a lot of hidden depth. I played CoH for almost a year starting back in Feb. 2005 when it first came out. I like to refer to it as MMO Lite.

I'm starting to get upset / annoyed with Age of Conan.  Probably it's more fair to say, disappointed -- but you can only scream at your monitor for so long before disappointment spirals down into something else. 

Another console to PC port that's been out since April, Assassins Creed is a third person sneaker created by Ubisoft in which the player repeatedly delves into his genetic memory in order to assume the role of a 12th century assassin...

This game looked awesome! Everyone that played it said it was awesome and that I should rush out and get a console to play it -- so needless to say I was really annoyed that it wasn't a PC game and even more annoyed at folks telling me to buy a console..

It's interesting.. I pride myself on beta testing just about every MMO that has ever been.. So I was a little sad when for whatever reason, the gods decided to not let me into the Age of Conan beta. 

So, nothing bothers me more about Call of Duty 4 than how it and every other game, movie and .. media of choice .. misrepresent the Claymore mine.

As many of you know I play a lot of games. Specifically PC games. You name it and there is a good chance I have played it. Lately it really does seem like games for the PC are starting to fail me.

Warcraft, I hate you! Okay I don't actually.. In fact, I think the game play is pretty good. The social aspect is pretty good, the combat is pretty good, raiding can be fun, and it's a nice mindless game to play with your friends and loved ones.. In fact, just about everything is pretty good.

So as some of you know I have been playing the hell out of Eve.. I am really enjoying the game and things are going nicely. I have created a baby combat alt on a second account that I use to PVP and generally misbehave and I'm enjoying it very much.

I fear that so many new games that are being created by small developers, like Infinity Earth, are so against creating what they call a "WoW clone" that they aren't willing to even look at some of the stuff that WoW did right.

I have been playing the hell out of Silent Hunter 3 recently.  I have always enjoyed good submarine games, which can be tough to do in an age of few good submarine games heh..    The Silent Hunter games are excellent however, and I very much look forward to getting Silent Hunter 4 -- which is out already, but I've been forbidden to purchase since Christmas is coming up..