Goddamn I hate people..

Published on Jan 18, 2007 Rants! « Prev Next »

I’m driving down a road near my house doing about 62/63 in a 65. It’s wet. It’s cold out (35ish) and there is visible ice on the sides of the road from the previous nights freeze. The main part of the road was clearish, but I was still going too fast for conditions.

Some redneck jackass gets in behind me and is flashing his lights while tailgating.. Clearly I’m not going fast enough for him.

Now, I’m eventually turning left on this road so I don’t want to change lanes, and we are coming up on a car in the right lane that is driving pretty slowly.. I just didn’t feel it was safe to change lanes. Not the case with this guy behind me.. He whips around me on the icy road, flipping me off and honking all the while, and when he gets in front of me he jams on his brakes..

At this point, It should be legal for me to open fire. This guy is driving recklessly and trying to cause a wreck with me - there is a very clear case for road rage in that instance, but I have only my word against his. Though I may be in luck there, a person of this nature probably hasn’t yet mastered the power of speech..

My question is; Why do people insist on driving like jerks?!

I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was doing the speedlimit in the left lane, on icy/wet roads at night. Even if it was perfectly dry roads, in the middle of the afternoon. If I’m doing the speedlimit, I’m golden. There aint shit you can say.

This is the point that everyone chimes in and says, “Slow traffic is supposed to keep right.” No. Wrong. Define for me “slow traffic.” If I’m doing the speed limit, it aint me. More over, tell me when you’re allowed legally to exceed the speedlimit. Hint: Never. Not even passing.

Yet some how I’m the asshole for following the law. The sad thing is, even though there is a major car accident something like every 8 seconds in America alone, it will take a person living through one before they learn anything.

I don’t plan to be in one – You wanna go faster than me, faster than the speed limit? Go the fuck around.