Happy Halloween 2009

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Halloween Costumes

The annual Halloween bash that my friend and his wife put on was a success!   Every year my friend Calvin and his wife go NUTS with Halloween..  They dress the house up, have hordes of food for guests, skads of candy for the kids and even have smoke machines strategically placed to set the atmosphere..    I have to admit, I’m liking it..

I was never a big fan of Halloween as a kid though.. I just didn’t really get into it..   That’s not to say I didn’t like dressing up and looting all the neighbors for chocolaty goodness though..  It was just the holiday itself..  Just for whatever reason, I didn’t get into it..

I think that the main reason was because I didn’t get the “fun” of the costumes..   It was something I did as a kid, but didn’t really get the why of it..  As I have grown older I have thrown caution completely to the wind and will dress as anything..  I simply don’t care about being embarrassed or looking silly..  Infact, I have come to the conclusion that that’s the point!   One day a year you get to do whatever!! Have fun with it..

This year I told Melissa I wanted to do a couples theme.. Something we could do together that was fun.. (okay I insisted it be a couples theme, but she came up with the idea.. ) We looked for a while and settled on a Little Red Riding-hood / Big Bad Wolf  duo..   We searched the web and assembled the costume bits and I think it came out pretty nicely if I do say so myself..  (Click the image for a slightly larger view..)

At the party every year they have a raffle / vote for who had the best costume.. I have to say I thought Melissa was a shoe-in.. She won last year in her “cave woman” costume (Which I’m sure I have a picture of somewhere.. ) and her little red riding-hood getup was great! (read: HOT!  She’s so pretty.. =)  I thought she was going to win again for sure..   Though Karens co-worker Janet was there in a Dorthy costume that looked awesome too.. Complete with a real live Toto dog… named Kujo! hahah  The dog was awesome..

So I was more than a little stunned by getting the most votes..  The “Wolf in grandmothers clothing” was a hit!   Yay me! heh  It was fun.. Everyone sat around chatting and playing rockband, eating and passing out candy to whomever haunted the door..  It was a good night..  We had a lot of fun..

Maybe there’s something to this Halloween thing.. =)    Now to start planning my costume for next year!