Hardware Review: Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

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Logitech Illuminated Keyboard
Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

I have to admit I like Logitech.  Their hardware is always good.  I find their software is a little bloated and doesn’t always deliver but I can’t fault the hardware at all..

So when I was in the market for a new keyboard I naturally gravitated towards the Logitech flock of peripherals..  I was replacing my old Logitech G15 which is a great device but at this point it had so much dust, dirt and kibble between the keys I was horrified to touch it.   (Mmmm keyboard kibble)

I liked the G15, but it had issues; the primary one being, I rubbed all the paint off the keys.   Apparently I type a little hard for the first generation G15’s and ended up removing the surface paint of the home row and several commonly pressed keys.   You could tell where my fingers and hands always sat.

I also never.. ever.. used the left side macro buttons or any of the other wiz-bang features of the keyboard.  It was wasted on me.  Hell for almost a year I didn’t even install the keyboard software for the little video display.. I just didnt’ see the value of it, and yes I play games that take advantage of it.. I just never look down from the monitor..  I needed something new..

So I decided that one of the requirements of my new keyboard would be that it was a minimalist keyboard in that it would have only the keys required to enter information.. I didn’t need all that other fluff..

I also didn’t need a mouse.. It seems that the majority of the packages out there try to shill off a mouse system with a keyboard and I have a mouse.. I don’t need a new one..  So the second requirement of my new keyboard would be that it would be a stand alone device.. No companion mouse..

Those two requirements limited my choices quite a bit!  I was surprised..  There were a number of oddly shapped ergo-keyboards that just looked awkward to use and of course several of the $10 el’cheapo keyboard that oddly enough I’m using right now to type this in from work..   I didn’t want those.. I wanted something nice that I could use for a while..

That’s when I found the new Logitech Illuminated Keyboard.

This keyboard has backlit keys, which I like and prefer.  Once you go lighted keyboard you begin to realize how useful that is.. Especially when you’re trying to type in the dark (which happens more often than one might think)..

It was also a full sized keyboard that didn’t have any extra crap on it, that didn’t come with a mouse.. Awesome! That sold me right there..

Well, the more I use it the more I like it but not for the features I just said..  The two things that I like about it are completely different..  One; It’s quiet.. Two; It’s flat..

Quiet:  This is the quietest non-laptop, fullsized keyboard I have ever used.   In fact it appears to just be a laptop keyboard, not on a laptop and full sized.  That’s what it feels like – but is absolutely silent.   When I’m typing you can hardly hear that I’m doing so.  I never realized how loud typing was until I got this keyboard.   The crappy $10 keyboard that I’m using here at work to type this in is so loud I feel like I NEED TO TYPE IN CAPS FOR YOU TO HEAR OVER THE KEY KER-CHUNKING… heh

It’s even more apparent when I think about the ancient IBM keyboard that a coworker of mine is using which actually has an intentional audible “click” applied to each key press..   The added benefit of this new keyboard is their key architecture and how the keys feel when typing.. They are very smooth.. I likes it.

Flat:  The other thing is the profile of the keyboard.   It’s less than 10mm in height..  It’s flat!! like.. super flat..   It almost feels like I’m typing on my desk itself instead of some device.   What’s nice about this is when you get up and walk away, that flat keyboard makes my work area as a whole look uncluttered and clean.

All in all its a good thing and gets high praise from me..