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Jason Ellis

Web Developer, Rubyist, Friend to Parrots Everywhere

I am a contractor for hire. Here’s my Resume.


Jason Ellis

I am a calm, considerate problem solver. I am a self taught software engineer and have worked with computers all my life. I am familiar with and have used most major operating systems and have an almost intuitive understanding of all major software packages, as well as having professional experience with most of them.

I enjoy rapid application development and web development. I have been working for years on the internet in one form or another coding all manner of rich web applications using Ajax, RoR, PHP, JS, Java, JSON, XML, XHTML, DOM, CSS, ORMs and every other trendy acronym you care to mention.

I have skills ranging from server installation and administration to in depth object oriented development in a myriad of languages, to include creation of special utilities and websites for top secret military projects.

I have experience teaching my computer skills to others and I enjoy a challenge.

My current focus is remote Ruby on Rails rapid application development.


  • Ruby / Ruby on Rails / Rake applications / Jekyll
  • PHP including Kohana, ZendFramework, and CodeIgniter
  • ORM/DBAL - including ActiveRecord, Kohana ORM, and Doctrine 2
  • Javascript / AJAX including jQuery, ExtJs, Prototype and MooTools
  • NoSQL Database experience - including MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL for RDBMS solutions
  • Git and SVN for source code management (SCM)
  • Frontend markup: HTML5, XHTML, XML, etc
  • CSS including preprocessors like SASS and LESS
  • Search Server Experience - including Solr, ElasticSearch and Sphinx

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