How dare you judge!

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So near where I work there is a Planned Parenthood facility. It’s in a quiet little area in a very tasteful building not hurting anyone.

And it seems that about 3 times a week there is a pack of 10 or so college age people standing out side quietly protesting. All of them wearing the same obnoxious t-shirt with anti-abortion rhetoric and wearing tape over their mouths acting like they were the “baby” that was killed. All quietly standing next to their BMW’s and Jags saying that you’re a bad person and should be prisoned for murder.

My initial thought was, what the hell don’t these children have anything better to do?!

But the more I thought about it the more it pissed me off. And now all I can think is; how dare they?!

These kids are actually protesting the actions of people who are in very hard situations; situations that they themselves have NEVER been in. More than half of the protesters were men!

You’ve never been pregnant while standing between a rock and a hard place.. Yet you have the raw audacity to stand there and judge a persons action, when you yourself haven’t had to make that choice?! Fuck you!

They say that “adoption” is an option, yet none of them are familiar with the process or the foster care system. More over, all of them are out there saying you should do something that they themselves aren’t willing to do! I assure you, none of those twenty-something’s have adopted a child. A painfully clear case of “do what I say, not what I do.”

At the end of the day, or whenever they get tired – these kids all get back in their BMW’s and jags that mommy and daddy are paying for and drive home. They haven’t a clue what others are going through or how hard their lives could be.

I seriously don’t understand people.. Why do people think they have a right to judge the actions of others, especially when they haven’t had to make those decisions themselves? I mean it’s very easy to stand back and armchair the world.. but when you actually live it life gets a little more complex. Most of those decisions are very hard, and not easily made.

People making those decisions sure as hell don’t need some snot nosed juvenile barely off their mothers tit to cast their trained opinions at them..

Ultimately it comes down to this;

  • You don’t get to tell others what to do..
  • You shouldn’t get to pressure people into doing what you want them to either..
  • And you certainly don’t get to judge people who make actions contrary to your beliefs, especially when you yourself haven’t lived this situation..

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JivinJ - Monday, Aug 13th 2007 at 12:34 pm

    Aren’t you judging the actions of these protesters?

    Aren’t you saying that they shouldn’t be doing what they are doing?

    How do you know that none of the females protesting haven’t been pregnant? Did you talk to them?

Jason - Monday, Aug 13th 2007 at 12:57 pm

    Sorry but “Don’t judge me, while I judge others” isn’t a valid argument. That dog don’t hunt.

    Granted, I’m judging people.  But I’m judging those who are themselves judging others in a very public and extremely obnoxious way. That in my mind opens them up to comment. They want to be viewed and commented about, or they wouldn’t be standing on the street corner with their shirts and attitudes.

    Where as they are judging those who want to be left alone and not judged. People who are going through a tough time and probably have made a very hard decision — or in some way need help (Not public scrutiny.)

    And no.. I have not spoken to them. Today as I went by there was only one woman, and she was very young. While she may have gone through what others have, the 7 men (I drove by at lunch to check) have most likely not come up preggers..

    Either way.. my last point stands.. You don’t get to tell people what to do, you don’t get to pressure people to do what you want..

    Additional — I also find it extremely amusing that the very first comment, not even an hour after I posted, was from a holy roller pro-lifer who’s likely more interested in telling others how they should live than actually living themselves ( He left a link. ). Get off your box man — leave people alone.

Ron - Tuesday, Oct 16th 2007 at 1:30 pm

    I don’t undrstand your argument or how you can have an objection to these young people. They are desperately trying to save the lives of babies who are powerless to help themselves from being murdered. How can you or anyone else justify the slaughter of these children for the sake of what the parent is going through?

    I have heard of all the arguments of why abortion is just OK to do, but just because there is a law that says you can do it, doesn’t mean that the act is diminished. It is still child murder, and all the justifications in the world can’t change that. You can’t just wish your atrocities away into the cornfield!

Jason - Tuesday, Oct 23rd 2007 at 10:15 am

    “Murder” is the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought. (

    For there to be “murder”, there must be a crime.

    Since abortion is not illegal, it is not a crime — therefore it isn’t murder.

    However, I’ll play your little game. If abortion is murder — what punishment should we hand out to the woman? How much time should she do for that murder?

    The death penalty? Or if she’s answerable to God, then why make it illegal in the first place? I’m fairly certain that God doesn’t need your help. If this is a matter between the woman and God why are you sticking your nose in to it at all? (Oh right.. Christianity.. I forgot..)

    The problem I have is that you’re willing to fight to outlaw abortion, but not fight to ensure good and effective birth control to help prevent conception in the first place. You don’t fight for easy free access to neonatal care, or quicker adoption programs or any other benefit to expecting mothers who don’t want the child — underprivileged or otherwise.

    You could easily advocate all manner of good things from the government to better this situation which you call murder, but you don’t.

    All you give a shit about is the fetus while its in utero. Once it gets its first cry suddenly in your eyes its just another poverty stricken criminal-in-waiting whelpling born of a morally questionable whore and an anonymous baby-daddy that’s stealing money from welfare, not giving back to society and dragging the rest of us down.

    Your narrow minded morality tale doesn’t impress me — you’re only true interest is forcing all of us to live by your mores by any means. Religious fascists by any other name.

    How many children have you adopted?