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Voting Process
Voting Process

So as a general rule, I don’t vote.  I don’t vote, and it’s my right to do so.  Leave me alone.  Stop harassing me with mindless slogans and social pressure.  I don’t want to be bothered by it, I don’t have to be bothered by it, I won’t be bothered by it.

The common sense rhetoric that often follows my making that statement is that if I don’t vote, then I shouldn’t complain or that “bad officials are sent to govern where good people don’t vote”.. etc..

I disagree.  I maintain that voting in ignorance of the issues or the people and their policies is worse that voting at all..

I don’t vote because I know myself to not be educated as to the various parties, stances, issues..etc.  And that you by voting, have in fact gone out of your way to educate yourself, as opposed to voting from a stance of ignorance..  So if you vote badly, then I can complain about your poor choice.. =)  I say this facetiously but there’s a hint of truth to it..

Either way I am very tired of the often attempted guilt inducing slogans and verbiage that voters feel is their right to spout at those who choose to abstain..  The very notion that those who refrain from voting are often the ones to blame, or that some how by not acting as an agent for one party or another makes you an agent for the other side is pure shenanigans..

Some might wonder why I don’t go out of my way to educate myself as to the issues and the people so that I can offset the ignorant..etc..  I don’t vote for a number of reasons but the primary one is because I’m completely disillusioned with the system and because I am tired of trying to sift through the reams and volumes of lies and bullshit to get to the nugget of truth that an individual should use to cast their ballot..

I really believe the system is broken.  It’s not because I’m lazy or that I simply don’t care.  If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t be writing this.  I just don’t like how things are working right now and am voicing my right to not “pick the lesser of two evils” and I don’t feel in the least bit guilty about this..  I have made a choice to not make a choice, and that’s okay.

See the whole voting process is based on the notion that we are all equal and that we all get to turn in one ballot, and those votes should all be treated equally with no exception because we are all educated on the issues and policies.  Sounds great!  But its completely unrealistic.  Gone are the days were it was even possible to know all the candidates, or the issues.  It’s simply not possible.

This very system means that someone who is so stupid as to not know the Earth revolves around the Sun, or that evolution actually happened has the power to negate your carefully considered opinion just because some bumper sticker or social pressure guilted him into going out and voting.

So with one swift stroke, or a flip of a switch this uneducated person (who has no idea what or who they are voting for) has the power to enact through their vote legislation that will now affect you.

I agree that individuals should have the right to vote, and that they should do so with an educated view of the outcome, but the masses are so far from being “in the know” that it breaks the system down, and that’s exactly where the government wants you.   The government wants you to believe that by choosing one or the other bad candidate you’re in charge and making a difference!  Crock of shit.

Politics any more is about who can out lie the other, who can put on the best face and look good on TV.  How many TV ads start with one political jack monkey bashing another one in order to prove he’s the best.  That’s broken.  If the only way one candidate can differentiate himself from another is to bash and badmouth, then he has nothing worth having and he’s already lost.  What happens though when they all do it?  Who do you vote for when they all suck?

More over,  I really believe one vote doesn’t matter, doesn’t make a difference..  If Candidate A had 23.012345% of the vote before I voted, and 23.012346% of the vote after I voted it makes no difference.  No news outlet reports that many decimal points.. The simply truth is that one vote has no value and I can prove it to you;

If my vote is such a big deal I’ll tell ya what, I’ll sell you my vote.   I’m pretty sure I can get a mail ballot and send it to you so that you can vote as me..  You can vote for anything you want..  That’s pretty cool right?  Suddenly you could double your voting potential!

How much is my vote worth to you?  How much money are you willing to send to me in order to get this “precious commodity”?   yeah I thought so..

Ultimately though, it’s my right.  I served in the US Army and after words as a Police Officer to ensure your freedoms and mine.  I choose, to not choose.