I hate advertising...

Published on Jan 02, 2003 Rants! « Prev Next »

Everywhere I turn.. Advertising! It’s everywhere! Right now, thanks to that damn “sober” virus out of Germany, I’m getting a crapload of German spam!

I don’t speak German. I will never speak German. Don’t bother sending me German spam. There seriously needs to be a language filter with emails. If it isn’t in my language, I don’t want it.

Back to advertising.. GOD it’s everywhere. It’s just about all I do with website creation any more, and I’m tired of it. But that’s not the issue.

The radio is so cluttered with ads that you only get about 30 minutes of music in a 60 minute block. It used to be one commercial every once in a while, now they will string 6 and 7 of the damn things together to the point where FM is dead to me. I tried XM for a while but they have ads too, and it just wasn’t worth the cost. But that’s not the issue either.

You can’t walk 10 feet anywhere with out seeing a billboard, or sign, or post-it with some ad on it. Bill boards are everywhere now a days. You can’t drive a single mile without seeing those damn things littering the sky. I hate it.

Advertising companies, who weren’t making enough money, figured out a way to put 3 ads on a single bill board. A rotating ad system that every couple of seconds shows a different advertisement; how novel. But that’s not the issue either.

The new thing that is driving me insane is the advertisement trucks. These trucks drive around town serving NO PURPOSE other than to spam you with some bullshit advertisement. They are a complete eyesore! They have the rotating ads thing so there are three different ads on each panel, and every open space on the vehicle has an ad on it.

Gah! This is clearly going to cause a traffic fatality. If not someone getting into a wreck while looking at the annoying ass thing, then someone pulling out a gun and shooting the SOB that’s driving it.