I hate commercial airplanes

Published on Aug 12, 2008 Rants! « Prev Next »

Update:  On my layover in Baltimore my coworker and I were the only two left on the plane for more than thirty minutes. The copilot of the previous leg ( and pilot of the next leg ) of our trip let me sit in the pilots seat of the four year old 737 700.

I sat there for thirty minutes talking to him about everything under the sun. Nice guy. He’s an old computer nerd like me and my friends and we had a good chat. He showed me a lot of the controls for the plane and introduced me to the various screens as shown in the picture. My side is an exact mirror of what you see there. (with the exception of having a fairly competent pilot on that side. )

Did you know that the 737 has pull down HUD? It was very cool. Wish I had thought to snap a couple more pics but I didn’t think to take that one until just before I got up. It’s odd but I felt so much better about the flight once I talked to him and found out he could have been one of us.

My friends are all now terrified of flying.. haha

Original Post: I used to think I hated traveling in general, but the more I ponder it the more I realize that I like to travel. … I just don’t like to fly commercial.

A hundred and fifty people jammed six abreast in a tiny metal tube thirty thousand feet in the air – Not my idea of fun.

So of course, I find myself in exactly that situation. IBM had an emergency offsite that they needed a UI developer to attend to and I was the likely (only?) choice.

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like people as it is. But put me in this situation where personal space and comfort are completely null and void and it begins to wear on my cherub like demeanor.

People don’t mean to be rude nor do they indend to bump and poke into me but some times I wonder if the stop trying on the plane. It’s almost as if folks say to themselves, “fuck it, the isles are to small anyway so I’m gonna whack everyone as I walk past. “

Speaking of that – you gotta have a narrow ass to sit in these seats. And I swear the lavatories have shrunk. The ol’joke about the mile high club is a lie!!! If a guy got a hard-on in there it’d push him into the isle!

But anyway.. Off I go to Boston to get yelled at by customers. Lucky me.