I hate Apple fanboys

Published on Feb 21, 2010 Rants! « Prev Next »

Apple Fanboy

I understand brand loyalty, but Apple fanatics take it to extremes..  Buying something just because it has an Apple logo on the side is ludicrous..  Recently I had (via a forum) a conversation with someone who was in the market for a new monitor and they had their heart set on either the 24” or 30” Apple Cinema Display..   I pointed out the 28” monitor that I use and offered it as a possible alternative simply because the ACD’s are stupidly expensive..

I told him that my monitor was much less than the 30” ACD he was leaning towards, and in fact you could likely get 6 of mine for one of those.. Plus I pointed out that the majority of the stats for my monitor was actually better than the ACD.  To which he said that the monitor I used was cheap and ugly.   And compared the Apple Cinema Display to a fine bottle of wine, where as my monitor was a cheap sixpack.

What a pretentious douche..  He completely discounts my suggestion not on merit.. not on facts like specs or technical reasons.. No.. but because the Apple product is a fine bottle of wine, where as mine is a single out of a cheap six pack..  Wow..  The level of snobbery amazes me..  Hey buddy, you’re douchebag is showing..

Fine.. its his money, if he wants to blow almost two thousand dollars on something that he could get for three hundred.. go for it..  My mistake for trying to be helpful..  I gotta say though blind loyalty like that is retarded..  Buying something just because its the most expensive doesn’t guarantee its the best.. And buying something just so you can say you have one is equally dumb..  Fools and their money..  Most likely all you’re buying is that Apple logo..

Having said all this, I love my Mac Mini and the Apple products I use.. I have several.. I just would never purchase one of their monitors due to them being outlandishly expensive..  And for me the biggest thing that keeps me from buying more Apple products are the fanboys like this who are so snobby and stuck up it’s painful to deal with them.  And to think I actually tried to help this “genius”..

Apple needs to reinvent their image cause frankly that shit puts people off..