I hate people...

Published on Sep 15, 2010 Rants! « Prev Next »

I hate people...

I play a lot of online games, and that means I’m forced to interact with the greater online gaming community and thus anonymous asshats on the internet..  And no matter which game I play, people seem to think its perfectly okay to act as big an asshole as humanly possible.

My current online game of choice is League of Legends.   A great game with only one serious flaw; other people.  Actually I take that back, if they would just remove the chat system entirely the game would rock..

They have a chat system where by a team can talk to one another and form strategies and use tactics to overwhelm …er.. I mean flame one another and act complete assholes..    Oh goodie..

Seriously whats the point of a chat system when people only use it to call one another “noob” or worse..  It’s not used for actual game play, which is what it was clearly design for.. or even friendly chat..  But rather used to cast the most obnoxious slander and profane slurs at other people just to get a rise out of folks..

Most of these children haven’t had their nap yet for the day so they frustrated at the game and feel the need to lash out at their own team..

Today I had one guy go off on me about how I was a noob and the worst player he had ever seen when I was ganked by 3 other players..  shrug I died.. it happens.. 3 people jumped me.. 3v1 is hard to pull off in LoL.. No big deal..    The same 3 people did it to him, and he was “unlucky”..  Oh I see.. so when I die it’s cause I’m a noob.. when you die to the exact samething, you’re just unlucky.. What a jackass..

This sort of behavior happens every game..  More over, I see people all the time actually demand that other players do what they say.. never mind how you want to have fun.. no you do what I say!!   Seriously?   How about you play your game, and I’ll play mine..  Where do you get off demanding I play a certain way?  Who the hell do you think you are?

The question I have to the gamers out there that feel the need to show your ass is;  why do this?!  Why do you feel the need to bash and badmouth everyone?  Is your life so pathetic that you must put everyone else down in order to feel good about yourself?   Why do you think you’re better than everyone else?  Why do you think you’re opinion carries more weight or that you know better about everything than everyone else?

It really frustrates me because I was raised to be a good person and not treat other people like garbage..  I also believe you shouldn’t say anything over the internet that you wouldn’t say in person..   And lets be honest, the vast majority of these kids wont dare say this shit to someone in person because they know they’d be eating fist shortly there after..  That makes them a coward too..

So, now you’re not only an asshat but a craven one at that..  Why can’t you leave people alone?   Don’t be like this.. it just makes you look bad..

The real sad statement is that a lot of kids these days use this obnoxious and profane behavior as “good-natured banter” when it’s anything but..  Being intentionally harsh and rude to someone is never a good idea unless you have known that person long enough to know its okay and they know you’re kidding.. It’s certainly never okay to a complete stranger..

But then that’s the issue.. Anonymity on the internet means everyone’s a stranger.. More over, it means you’re 100% anonymous and can say or do anything you want “without repercussion”..  The fact that most people choose to be a jerk as opposed to nice is a sign of our times, and a bad one..  I tend to think of it as the harbinger of our societies downfall that people go “asshole” before they go “nice”..

My father always told me that a true test of character is what you do when no one can stop you..  I have to think that kids that act this way fail this test completely..

Acting obnoxiously on the internet is not only rude, but it’s a cowardly act and you’re pathetic if you behave that way..   More over, you don’t know everything and certainly don’t have the whole picture, why not just do your thing and let other people do their thing..

Or even better, try something new for once..  Be nice..