So, I think I want to fly..

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Diamond DA42 Twinstar
Diamond DA42 Twinstar

Something I have always wanted to do was learn to fly. When I was in the military in 1991 I had an opportunity through the USO to take advantage of a small flight training program where I got to spend some time in the little Cessna 152 & tool around the airports in the Bay Area in California and it was a wonderful experience.

Unfortunately I could not afford it.. Anyone who lives in the military or is in the military knows that your privates and PFCs and what not – they just don’t get paid very much and I was no exception, I did not get very much money.

So ultimately when it came down to pursuing this past time it was kind of a dream; it’s something that I wanted to do, I was desperate to do it but I just couldn’t afford it. There was no way for me to make it happen.

While now, set the way forward machine to 30 years later, (er 20 years later sorry terrible math) and I kind of have an opportunity to do it and I also have the income and desire.

So, I figured what the hell this is something that I would like to go ahead and start doing. So I have been shopping around online looking for potential flight schools and just get a feeling for what I need to know. I’ve also purchased some books from smarties or sorry, sporty’s rather, so I can look it you may be doing some training ground school training outside the classrooms so I don’t have to pay somebody else – if nothing else it will be a refresher.

There is nothing there is no competing with an actual teacher so having an instructor there will invalueable but maybe going into the classroom with a little bit of education under your belt, that that’s not a bad thing so I figure that’s 200 dollars well spent. And I’ll read those videos er read those booklets and watch the videos thoroughly before I go but I have to admit one of the things that really made me want to do this was I was browsing online for just different planes and I mean just looking.. I wasn’t really shopping per se I was just looking to see what kind of cool planes were out there lately and I.. I fell in love.. found a plane that I think is just beautiful.

That’s the Diamond DA42 Twinstar, it is it is a sexy sexy plane.

What a wonderful looking machine and and I’ve watched many videos on YouTube and and reviews and it’s amazing to me how far the technology has come and the full glass cockpit that those long sweeping wings it almost looks like a glider. The diesel engines, diesel engines! No kidding and I just, it’s amazing machine and I got to be honest with you…

I want one of those. It’s a $650,000 airplane. It’s not very likely that I’ll get one anytime soon.. (taking donations by the way .. kidding) but uh so yeah, there ya go. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, something I’m very keen on and I think I want to go forward. So I’ll keep you posted. I’ll let ya know..