I'm about to say fuck Starcraft 2

Published on Feb 27, 2010 Games « Prev Next »

So I have been playing in the Starcraft 2 beta and to be honest, I’m not overly impressed.  It’s basically the same game brought forward with some refinement..  Fine.. Those who love it can play it.. I for one very likely wont be and there are two primary reasons for this;

  • The people playing are douche bags
  • Just like SC1, the game is wildly out of balance

I’m playing in the friend and family beta and STILL the people I play against are rabid pricks..  People say all the time that MMO (WoW specifically) players are rude and jerks, and I have to say they are nothing compared to the Starcraft players..   It’s like all the lame ass epeen stuff you see in MMO’s that a player does over the course of the year or two he plays the game is compressed into one 20 minute game and so they have to be extra big douche bags just to be sure you know how uber they are and how much you suck..

I want to play any game of this nature against my friends or coworkers, and no one else.. I don’t want to have to suffer the fanboy jackasses who feel the need to tell you how much you suck every five minutes just to make themselves feel better..   I mean seriously how pathetic are you that you have to continually tell others they suck to make yourself feel better..

My second point is the balance issue..  I’m sorry but I always felt Starcraft 1 was out of balance..   Well guess what.. Starcraft 2 is also unbalanced..  And you’d think that Blizzard might take it as a clue that if everyone is playing one race, and no one is playing another race.. there’s a reason for it.

I just got finished playing a 2v2 game in which the opponents partner quit about 10 seconds into the game..  So it was actually a 2v1 game with 2 Zerg players versus 1 Terran player.

I always play Zerg, and this was the VERY FIRST TIME I had seen another player intentionally play Zerg..  In all the other games I have played so far, everyone plays Terran..  Clue one that Terran are over powered is that everyone plays them.. I have seen a few folks play protoss but not many..

And We played for something like 45 minutes, two Zerg versus one Terran and couldn’t beat him.  2v1 and we lost.    We used up ALL the resources on the map and weren’t able to get him out of his bolt hole..   Yes.. ALL of the resources.. I had 6 bases by the end of the game and my partner had 4..  The opponent just proceeded to nuke us into oblivion and all the attacking we did in the world did no good what so ever..

He had SWARMS of stuff flying and running around, was poking us from all sides as well as a continual nuke spam, and was mounting an impossible defense of our combined and organized attacks..  And he only ever had 2 bases.. He also had ample time to tell us how much we sucked..

I know I’m not great at this game.. but I’m not that darn bad.. and my partner seemed to know what he was doing..  I think it’s a pretty clear case of one side being over powered..

I tried to ask the Terran player what he was doing and he proceeded to tell me how great he was and how my parents should be embarrassed they gave birth to me…   This is a friend or a family member of a Blizzard employee..   Fine.. Fuck you.. You can have this game, I don’t want it..