It's been a year already?!

Published on Jun 02, 2008 Randomstrings Marriage « Prev Next »

Same Cards!

So I can’t believe I have been married for a year already! A whole year has gone by in the blink of an eye! It must be magic, cause it really went by fast and everything is still peachy.. More over, for our anniversary gifts to one another we both managed to get the same card, from different stores.. in different cities.. heh

Either we are perfect for one another or both of these stores need a better stock of cards.. heh Considering the vast number that were at my store, I choose the “we are perfect for one another” option.

For our anniversary I got her dough nuts, and we had fishsticks.. Er.. okay kidding about the fishsticks.. Not the dough nuts.. heh.. It’s sort of an inside joke, but the long and short of it is; we stayed up until 4am and I got up at 7am and got her her favorite dough nuts.. I was punch drink and woosey while driving the 30 minutes to and from the store..

For dinner we went to Fogo de Chão (fo-go dèe shoun) in downtown Austin.. This restaurant is fantastic! They stuff you full of meat, and then when you cant possibly hold any more, they shove in an extra hand full and call it “dessert”. Seriously, the chef’s walk around with large spits of meat and cut you off a slice as they walk by. It was great! Pricey as all hell, but damn good.

Cheese Cake and Flan

And, whats more .. even with as much beef, lamb, chicken, and .. god any other animal you care to mention in our stomach’s my lovely and skinny wife still managed to skoff down some cheesecake! I had the flan.. =) it was yummy.

Afterwards Mel and I both had meat hangovers for a couple days.. heh