Jack Tompson has been disbarred

Published on Oct 30, 2008 Rants! « Prev Next »

Bhahhahahahaha… So, the infamous anti-gaming crusader Jack Thompson has finally met his match in the form of the Florida Supreme Court who this week permanently disbarred him while in the background the announcer yelled “headshot” for all to see his shame..

Okay that last bit may be a lie, but the rest is true. They stated that the disbarment was to take effect 30 days after the initial hearing back in September in order to allow him to shut down his practice.  Of course, being the douche bag that he is, he immediately filed his own emergency motion with the court in order to seek a retrial, however another Bar member would have had to vouch for him because they stated “no motion for rehearing will be considered unless signed by a member in good standing with the Florida Bar” which didn’t happen.

I think most lawyers were smart enough to stay away from this one..  And now a month later, his career as an attorney is over in Florida… Anyone wanna bet he will move?

The full press release says;

Miami attorney Jack Thompson, nationally and internationally known by virtue of his effective and successful opposition over the last 20 years to the broadcast, marketing, and sale of adult-rated entertainment to children, has just been informed by the Florida Supreme Court that he has been disbarred from the practice of law today.

The timing of this disbarment transparently reveals its motivation: This past Friday Thompson filed a federal civil rights action against The Bar, the Supreme Court, and all seven of its Justices. This rush to disbarment is in retribution for the filing of that federal suit. With enemies this foolish, Thompson needs only the loyal friends he has.

Thompson looks forward to successfully litigating his federal claims, now before US District Court Judge Marcia Cooke in the Southern District of Florida.

Thompson always wanted to own a Bar. Now, armed with multiple US Supreme Court rulings that no state bar can do what it has done to Thompson, he is set to own that Bar.

All in all I think its somewhat amusing and I’m sure he doesn’t realize that this whole thing is his own fault.  After 30 years of being an attorney in Flordia, the court finally had enough of his shit and he is officially “Not Eligible to practice in Florida”.

I’m sure he isn’t done.  He will continue to weasel his way around the game industry causing problems and being a general annoyance.   I’m sure he’d blame my opinion on games.