Lost in the woods of C#

Published on Jul 03, 2010 Software development « Prev Next »

C# Confusion

I’m really kind of frustrated at the general lack of helpful input from other people on the internet when it comes to trying to learn a new programming language..  It almost seems like folks just don’t want to be bothered or that they have the opinion that “by god it was hard for them, so it should be hard for you.. “

Human beings are blessed with the ability to learn from one another, and while we are also often cursed with the disinclination to do so, quite often it seems that those “in the know” don’t want to share that knowledge when others are clambering for it..

I’m fairly new to C# and am interested in learning it..  I’m not new to programming though so I understand most of the basic concepts, I just need to learn the syntax and the “flavor” of the language..  The IDE is pretty familiar because I’m an old time Delphi programmer (C# was written by the same guy apparently)..

I decided I wanted to write an application that take a screenshot of a DirectX game while it was in the background (not minimized)..  I’m having a lot of trouble getting it to work correctly, and trying to find people to help is very much like trying to find Venuses arms..

I can’t help but feel very alone in my struggle and that plain sucks..