25man Malygos

Published on Jan 18, 2009 Rants! « Prev Next »

Not Malygos, but a cool pic

So we have been playing a LOT of World of Warcraft of late.  I must admit I’m very much enjoying it for the most part.  But we have gotten to the point where we are farming the end game content because by and large, it’s way too easy.

All that is except Malygos.   We have beaten Malygos before but for whatever reason our guild can’t seem to pull it’s collective head out 9 times out of 10.  Things just go wrong.

That’s fine and acceptable except they all seem to think we are going to one shot him and move on. Over confidence is our down fall, but not our only one.  The real issue isn’t our guild or our game play, but rather the fucking lag!

We have the same issue in 25man Nax killing Thadius..  The server always lags out on us at exactly the same time, every time.  It’s almost like this is blizzards cunning plan to make the content more difficult..

Pretty hard core burning hatred from me when we get in there and the game lags out.  Malygos is probably the easiest boss in the T7 content, but the lag during phase 2 screws us every time.. (Or just about – it took us like 8 tries tonight to kill him due to lag.)

Blizzard needs to fix this.  I can’t tell you how many times we have failed at Thaddius too for the exact same reason.. just lag.  It’s pretty darn hard to fight a boss when the timer keeps counting down but the game stops for everyone..