Mass Effect

Published on Jun 13, 2008 Games Review « Prev Next »

Mass Effect PC Box COverBeing the avid PC gamer that I am, I wasn’t about to go and buy an XBox 360 back in Nov. ‘07 just for Mass Effect.. but damn I came close..

This game looked awesome! Everyone that played it said it was awesome and that I should rush out and get a console to play it – so needless to say I was really annoyed that it wasn’t a PC game and even more annoyed at folks telling me to buy a console.. But I was very excited when I heard it was eventually coming to the PC!

When it hit the shelves for the PC back in May I pretty much went and got it as soon as I could. (I was a couple days late, but a funeral will do that.. )

What an absolutely fantastic game! I maintain that Bioware is an awesome company and that they do good work. I have liked just about all of their games; Baldur’s gate was fun, BG2 of course was a good game, Neverwinter nights was well done, but had issues. And of course KotOR was fantastic. So I knew when I heard that Mass Effect was being put out by these guys, it was going to be a rockin game. Oh how right I was..

The game is so polished! I mean from character creation all the way through the end of the game, it just feels right, and works. Everything works! It is the closest thing to “playing a movie” that I have ever experienced.

What I love about it is that you can play the game differently multiple times through, choosing a different class, past, powers, weapons, armors, friends, missions, assignments, personality..etc.. and play the same game in a completely different way!

And whats awesome is, the game will play right along. The voice over actors will actually do different dialogs depending on your past history, your past actions, your current actions, and will correctly label you if you’re male or female! I really hope they got their money back on the sheer volume of voice acting they had to supply this sucker!

I can’t say enough good things about this game.. I want to salute Bioware! And to think they are currently working on Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3!! GLEE (though probably for the consoles first.. grumble)

I read quite a few posts about the game too and the biggest complaint is that it was short. Which boggles my mind. The first play through took me 25+ hours, and I didn’t do everything. There was still quite a lot of content that I didn’t do.. (I initiated the final end game mission without really realizing that was what I was doing.. but then.. I’m st00pid..)

25+ hours of game play, especially for a game you can play again in so many different ways, seems very reasonable. I mean other games of this nature didn’t have that much content.. Plus they are talking about releasing future downloadable content? Seriously..

This game very much rules.. In all likelihood you should get it…