My new Camera & Flat design

Published on Jun 30, 2013 Photography 4 « Prev Next »


I enjoy photography as I think its a pretty cool art and takes a lot of skill to make the magic happen. But I have never owned a high quality camera. This week I was given the opportunity by my company to purchase a high quality camera for some projects we are working on. I was totally stoked!

My brother is a Nikon fan and he does really well with them, but I have always been partial to Canon. I really have no good reason for that other than my past experiences with their equipment and costumer service.

I own a Canon G1 Powershot (the first one in the line) and it always served me well until it was simply eclipsed by time and technology. I have a Canon XL1 movie camera which again, great piece of equipment but at this point is completely outdated. And a Canon Powershot SD770IS “elph” which is a great little pocket point and shoot.. but I wanted a camera I can really put to the test and get the full experience.

I opt’ed to get the Canon EOS 6D full frame and couldn’t be happier.. What a monster!

I plan to take a lot of photos to learn how to make this thing work and perform prior to our project which is still hush-hush.

Meeko does make for some fun shooting through. He likes to sleep on the back of the couch. He’s the most cat like dog I’ve ever seen.

Also according to one of the photography websites I troll, the first official photo with your camera is supposed to be of ducks.. No clue why.. but I went out and found some ducks and took photos.. I have a lot but I find they are kinda boring subjects..

Also, I am not really happy with the look of the blog. The more I look at it, the more I hate it - and I’m not done converting it from wordpress.. hah

I think I will continue working on the conversion but at the same time I want to invest some time in making it look better.. Frankly, it’s boring, ugly and trying to do too much. The real issue I have is that right now “Flat” is in. Apparently Microsoft did something right as everyone is emulating their flat design on Windows 8, including Apple with their OS7 update soon to hit.

I have to admit I’m torn..

Part of me thinks its ugly, but I can see the appeal and It could grow on me. I’m pondering a redesign. I’m thinking a combination of dynamicly loaded flat design and more traditional SAAS application design. I’ll keep you posted.