Mental Note: Boiling oil = HOT!

Published on Aug 12, 2007 Randomstrings « Prev Next »

Burnt Fingers

So I got it into my head today that I’d like to make some falafel.  I like the stuff, and hadn’t had any in a while.   I had a mix all done up and upon sliding off a patty into the oil, it splashed.  Right on to my fingers.  And not a little splash either.  This was a big bunch of oil that went all over the place.  I was unamused.

Mostly because it took the skin off two of my fingers.. =(  Not exactly what I would call a “fun time”.

I thought about going to the emergency room but really there was no point..  They would do the same thing for me that I was already doing.. keep it clean, keep it dry.. cover it with some sterile gauss etc.. Not much else you can do to burns..

Keeping it submerged in cold water on and off for the first couple of hours makes it not hurt.. and now its just a matter of wiping off the seepage every so often.

It doesn’t hurt at all now.. except when I bump it.. (which of course I seem to do all the time!!)  It will likely hurt a lot more tomorrow.. but what can you do – other than not splash boiling oil on yourself.