Ork Dip! The 10 minute paint job...

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Ork Dip -- Almost done
Ork Dip – Click me!

So I am going to be entering in a 40k tournament in August.  I’ll be entering as an Ork player and have been tuning and playing various lists in preparation..   I have a lot left to do though..  I also have a lot of painting to do because one of the requirements is that you have a fully painted army.  It doesn’t have to be professionally painted but it does have to look generally good, and have more than 3 colors on the model.

That’s fine, except I have a LOT of models to paint and I generally take far too long to paint them.  I can spend 2 hours painting a single dude, and considering I have over 100 dudes (not counting vehicles)  yet to paint.. I have a daunting task ahead of me..

I told my friends that there would be no way in hell I could paint all 100+ models in the time left.. It’s just not possible.. That’s when my buddy got after me to use the “dip” method of painting.. It’s fast and easy, and you don’t have to “color in the lines”..

So tonight I gave it a try..

I knew that if I were going to have full 2000 point 40k Ork army ready for this tourney I’d have to paint each model in about 10 minutes, so that’s what I did.. I gave myself 10 minutes to paint the model. Period. (Not counting the spray prime dry time or dip dry time.)

I went to the store and got some light tan colored spray paint that I’d use as my primer/base coat. It’s pretty light in color but I knew the dip/stain would make it darker so that’s what I went with..

0:30 – I came home and randomly selected one Ork not knowing if this would work worth a damn. I took all of 30 seconds or so to prime the model with the spray paint then let it dry. It took about 30 minutes to fully dry because I got the spray can nozzle a tad too close..

I then went inside to prepare my painting area.. I selected the 5 colors I was going to use, Boltgun metal, Catachan Green, Fortress Grey, Brazen Brass, and Calthan Brown and then got my water, paper towels and brushes ready.

9:30 – Once the primer was dry I sat down and hit the stop watch. I then took 9 minutes to paint the arms green, the helm and gun boltgun metal, some bitz got a bit of brown and some others got some grey while his shoulder piece got brass.. I was going to do some more brown and grey but the clock hit 9 and I put the brush down.

There is more I wanted to do, but I stopped at 9 minutes.

10:00 – I picked up the model and walked out to the garage where I already had the can of minwax stain open and ready to receive.. I used a pair of vice grips to dip the model all the way to the base in the stuff and let it sit in there for about 5 seconds..

I pulled it out and shook it off as hard as I could into the trash can making sure it got all the drips..

That’s it.. Done. You see the results above.  It takes about 6 hours to get to the point where you can handle the model, and then a full 12 hours to make it so it’s not tacky (or so I’m told.. I haven’t passed the 12 hour mark)..

A couple things yet to do is to spray paint a matte or satin varnish to dull some of that shine, paint the base black again (Should have done this prior to gluing to base.. lesson learned), and finally flock the base..

It’s not perfect by any stretch but as a 10 minute paint job it’s not half bad.   I’m going to refine my process and paint like 10 at a time to speed things up but this is definately my process.. here it is.. this is how I’m doing it..

I’ll post more pictures once I get more.   I’ll also post a left and right comparison of a model I actually took 2 hours painting versus one that is dipped just to see..

30 Minute Loota
30 Minute Loota


So after some game play I decided I needed some Loota’s in my army. Here is one I painted using my new method.. It takes a bit longer in total due to all the bitz that are there to paint. So probably 30 minutes total went into this one. I haven’t flocked the base or matted the model yet so its a tad shiney still.. Either way this method works very well here too..