Our generations Pearl Harbor?

Published on Sep 11, 2001 Rants! « Prev Next »

I can’t help but wonder what the world is coming to as I watch the news today.. Story after story about how several planes were hi-jacked and how two of which were intentionally crashed into the World Trade Center. Time and time again from lowly news reporter up to the President, they call it a cowardly act. And I agree.. It was.. But this isn’t middle school.. Our calling them a coward wont goad them into revealing their guilt. So the question is, what do we do now? Personally I think its time we heal and cry for our dead..

I know people that say we should bomb all of whomever the guilty parties are into a self lighting glass parking lot. And while we certainly have the power and resources to do that, would that solve anything? Or would it simply fuel the Anti-American sentiment that is prevalent in so many of the countries of the world?

The real problem is not the fighting of terrorism. If you kill the terrorist, there will always be 2 or 3 more to step up in his place. The news says we aren’t fighting the terrorists as much as we are fighting their ideas. And if it were ideas then that would be fine as ideas can be changed. But this isn’t the case either.. We are fighting beliefs.. Those aren’t as easily changed.. So again, what do we do now? Do we take on their tactics and simply blow them up to prove our point.. I dunno.. I like the idea of letting those that want to live a certain way, live that way. I have no intention of forcing my beliefs on anyone.. But now we are at an impasse, as they (the terrorists) are forcing our hand..

Maybe I am completely out of touch, but I don’t understand the Anti-America sentiment that is floating around the middle east. Why do they hate us so much? Hate us so much that these people are willing to lay down their lives. I appreciate someone believing in something so strongly that they are willing to sacrifice themselves, but I don’t know what their grief is. These extremist measures that these people are taking don’t solve anything because it doesn’t explain to us what their beef is.

To the terrorists, I ask:

Lets look at this realistically.. What has been solved today? Oh yeah.. You sure showed us… (?!?) What was the point? Why did thousands of people have to die? what were you trying to prove? That you could do it? Again I have to believe that there was SOME message or purpose there.. To destroy something just for the sake of destruction is stupid. It makes no sense at all.. And lastly, proves nothing.

This just isn’t the way to get things solved. Now, it gets worse. By doing this it forces America to retaliate. America has always reacted very strongly to terrorist attacks and this will not be an exception to that rule. Thousands of innocent people died into days rash act of senseless violence.. And I promise you.. More will die before this ends.. And both sides are going to be very bloody..

Maybe it’s time we end it for good.. We have been told that we act like the police of the world. If the rest of the world didn’t act like spoiled little children we probably wouldn’t have too.. but that’s fine.. You call us the police of the world, well maybe it’s time we act like it.. I’m not talking occupation.. I’m not talking police actions.. You want war? Fine. We can simply treat you like any other spoiled child who is misbehaving.. I think it’s time we paddle the middle east, once and for all. You have misbehaved for the final time here.. We aren’t going to send you to your room without supper either.. It’s time for a serious spanking..

This kind of shit will not be tolerated on American soil.. You made a mistake today.. You made a mistake in thinking that we wouldn’t fight back.. You have made a very grave error.. Fear not, I know the American people, being the tough bunch that they are, can live with what you have wrought.. I also know, you will not..