Portal 2 looks so awesome... *gleeeee*

Published on Oct 11, 2010 Games « Prev Next »

Portal 2

So I am a HUGE fan of Portal.. It was quite possibly one of the best 3 hour games I have ever played.. I mean, it was absolutely genius..  It a first person physics puzzle that walked this amazingly fine line of comedic darkness that kept you thinking, and laughing..

The only negative feedback anyone ever was able to come up with was how short it was.. When I say its a 3 hour game.. I mean it, it’s a 3 hour game..  Even going slow you should be able to solve it in that amount of time..  You can eek out a couple extra hours of fun by doing the bonus levels or trying to get all the achievements but that’s really it..

That was a tad disappointing, but Valve knew they were on to something and started working on the next installment almost immediately..

And I have to say, holy crap.. it looks amazing..  Check out all the videos over at http://thinkwithportals.com/

I couldn’t help but sit here giggling with the pure liquid awesomeness that is the coming game.. It looks so good!   I got so excited I played through the first game again..

And btw, if you haven’t played Portal yet.. You should.. It costs $19 on Steam and is worth every penny!  yes it’s only a 3 hour game, but still it’s so fun you’ll likely play it several times.. I know I have…