Pulling weeds in my big ass yard

Published on Mar 12, 2007 Randomstrings « Prev Next »

1 Acre = 4047 Square Meters 1 Acre = 4640 Square Yards 1 Acre = 41260 Square Feet 1 Acre = 8*80 gallon bags of weeds 1 Acre = A very very sore Jason

A can’t believe how sore I am.  Now in all fairness, my front yard and my backyard combined are roughly an acre.  My front yard is only ~26000 sq. feet which is where I was working - so it’s not an acre, but spend 6 hours hunched over and doing squats over weeds and you’ll think its an acre.. Trust me..

I really like my yard.. It’s nice to have a huge yard in front of the house that looks good.. but upkeep can suck.  We bought a tractor mower shortly after moving in so I don’t have to push mow the beast (did that twice.. it took me 3+ hours).. Now I need some anti-weed machine that can keep it clear of unwanted shrubbery..

We have a lot of stuff we want to do around the outside of the house, it’s just really costly and we aren’t made of money.  I wish we could just win the lottery or something and then we could pay a pack of Mexicans to do the hard work for us..  (Something I would be more than happy to do.)

But then everything goes back to the “I wish I had a lot of money” issue.  I do hope that wish comes true one day.